Discord Commands – The Full List and Guides in 2023

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If you are a gamer, chances are you already use a chat application. I’ve used TeamSpeak, Mumble, and many others in the past. But they are all gone now. …. Yesterday. Discord is exactly what you need today, and what an app! Here some Discord Commands which make easy your game journey.

Discord is undoubtedly the best gaming communication application on the market today. It features servers that emphasize privacy, easy-to-use controls, and many other things that can be convenient. In fact, although Discord is still primarily used by gamers, many people also use Discord outside of gaming. The most useful aspect of Discord is that it offers a lot of interesting commands. If you type the right command on the server, you can do a lot of different things.

How to use the Discord commands?

Discord commands are simple and easy to use. They are all entered in the server chat fields.

Most of them are very useful in different situations, and some are just plain fun. Here are some basic Discord commands to get you started.

Complete list of Discord commands

This list does not contain all the commands available in Discord. These are just some of the most commonly used options. You can also create your own commands to use in Discord, but we’ll get to that later.

The most basic rule behind each of these commands, which distinguishes the command from the normal chat text, is the “/” key. Each command begins with the “/” key, with no spaces after it.

The commands listed below are enclosed in square brackets, but it is not necessary to use square brackets when using commands in Discord.

This service was created to help you communicate seamlessly, with extremely private servers that allow you to chat or text with other players. Discord runs on your computer or phone, allowing you to stay connected no matter what game you are playing or where you are playing it. It combines a generic chat lobby with message boards and a simple VoIP client into one amazing application that doesn’t take up all the space on your phone or computer.

Discord is free to use and registration is easy. You can join an already created server with an invitation code, or you can create your own server by simply entering your username. When using Discord, there are many commands you can enter on the server to perform various actions. Some are useful, others are just for fun. Here are a basic lists of Discord commands:

  1. Giphy [search query] – Love animated GIFs? Can’t get enough of showing what you think and feel? This command allows you to search through thousands of GIFs and click to send the right one to the chat.
  2. nick [new nickname] – Don’t like the nickname you chose (or were given) when you joined the chat channel? This command allows you to choose a nickname of your own. Enter it, along with your new name, and press Enter on your keyboard, and you’re done.
  3. TTS [message] – Because of the way Discord is set up, you can always connect to a voice channel. But what if you don’t have a microphone? With this command, you can type a message that will be read aloud by everyone in the chat. But be careful: administrators can easily disable this function in case of abuse.
  4. AFK set [status] – Need a snack or a drink? Need to go to the bathroom? Did grandma drop by surprise? This command allows you to set a custom AFK (away from keyboard) message that appears in the channel when someone mentions your nick.
  5. Whois [username] – Not sure who the person talking to you is? Use this command to retrieve the person’s information from the server.
  6. Membership: As an administrator, or even as an ordinary member, you may want to know how many people are connected to the server at any given time. If you use this command, you will get instant results with a magic number.
  7. emotes – Even at my “advanced” age, I love emojis! If so, you can use this command to find a list of emojis that work on the server.
  8. Serverinfo – Do you want to know how long the server has been active or how many users are connected on average? You can quickly enter this command to find out a range of information and statistics about the server.
  9. Bot Commands As we mentioned above about the text-to-speech command, administrators can and sometimes do disable certain commands. You can also create any number of custom commands to use. Not sure what commands are available for your application? Here’s a complete list
  10. Add [phrase] to moderation blacklist – If you run a chat room, you know how hard it is to stop people from saying things they shouldn’t, even if you ask nicely. If there are certain words or phrases you don’t want to see in the channel, you can add them to the blacklist with this command.

Other equipment

There are other commands you can use in Discord. If you type ‘/’, a very useful list will appear. Here are some other useful or fun commands:

“/Me” – When you type this command, any text you paste afterward will be underlined.

/Spoiler” – Hides the content that is typed after the command. For when you want to send secret information without spoiling the ending for everyone.

/Tableflip” is for when you really need to express your indignation and flip the table in Comani code. Have you solved the problem? Just type “/Unflip” to flip the table back into place.

/Shrug” is a shrug in the Konami code.

In addition to these commands, there are many others available in the bots.

How many people?

Whether you are an administrator or a regular user, you may want to know how many people are on the server at any given time. Of course, there is a list of online and offline members in the menu on the right side of the screen, but if the server has many configurable member groups, you will have to resort to math to find out how many people are on a particular server.

But not with the “/membercount” command. This command allows the administrator and a normal user to know how many people are currently connected to the server.

How to create custom Discord commands?

Unfortunately, creating custom Discord commands on your own can be too complicated. It involves coding, and that may not be something you want to deal with right now. The method of coding custom commands will not be explained here, as it is quite complex. However, if you put your mind to it and do your research, you can be successful. To get San Antonio NewsSan Francisco News, and USA News, you can follow TexasBreaking.

To use the robot controls

Discord bots are a very useful feature of the platform, especially for work automation. You can program them to perform actions based on various events. For example, you can program a bot to automatically remove from the server anyone who uses a certain word or phrase.

There are some basic bots that come with Discord. However, they are not very useful as they mainly help you get used to Discord.

To access the most useful commands of the Discord bot, you have to log out of Discord. Maybe you need a bot for moderation, maybe you are looking for a bot to give charm to the server, a bot for music? Art?

There are a wide variety of bots for Discord, and they are usually very easy to add. Well, as long as you can find a link to one, that is. So you should always add a useful bot as soon as you find one. And you will come across many, no doubt.

Each bot has its own page describing how to add it to the Discord server. In general, you just log into the bot page with your Discord credentials, select a server and that’s it. With the DYNO bot, you can, for example, automatically moderate servers and set new commands directly from the settings.

Each robot introduces itself and shows you a list of commands it offers. Remember them and enjoy them.

How to create a bot for Discord?

Once again, we dive into the world of programming. If you have no programming experience or are not willing to spend hours creating something, we advise you to refrain from creating your own Discord bots. If you are interested, we encourage you to give it a try: it can be a great introduction to programming.

In both cases, go to the Partition Developer portal, log in with your partition credentials and select the option to create a new application. From there, you can follow the instructions in the various online tutorials. Creating bots is not an easy task for inexperienced programmers.

Additional questions and answers

Is Discord really safe?

Yes, Discord is secure. Much more secure than many other chat and voice applications. You control all aspects of messaging restrictions. You can set NSFW security levels, you can schedule different bots to remove people who use certain unwanted words, and you can find bots that specialize in removing spam accounts.

However, you should be careful with Discord, as you should be on the Internet in general. There is a lot of malicious content on the Internet: be careful.

How can I find other equipment?

One of the easiest ways to find the commands is to simply type “/” in the Discord text box. A list will appear from which you can click on the command you want. Some commands are native to Discord, while others can be used by bots.

My controls are not working, what’s wrong?

If you typed the command exactly as shown above and it appears in the chatbox as typed, then either the robot is not configured, permissions are not enabled for this action, or you made a typo.

After checking the settings and permissions of Discord and the bot you are using, make sure you have entered everything correctly.


Discord commands are very useful features that make your work with Discord much easier and simpler. You don’t have to use them, but they make working with the platform much easier. The same goes for Discord bots: you don’t have to use them, but they allow you to automate many things.

Which of the following Discord commands have you used before? Which of the list do you plan to use in the future? Have you found an interesting robot that you would like to share with us? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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