Why should You Use Electronic Signatures for Employee Onboarding?

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The onboarding process involves multiple checks and balances from different stakeholders. The paper-based processes are highly cumbersome. On the other hand, the automation processes are secure, time-saving, efficient, and have many environmental benefits. Here are the top reasons why one should use electronic signatures for employee onboarding.


The electronic signatures use no paper. Therefore, it saves trees cut down for making paper. Thus, it is environment-friendly.

Payback is quick

The electronic signature brings back the money invested in a short period. Research says that 81% of the companies that used digital signatures received their payback within a year.


The new employees can complete the onboarding procedure from any location. They can sign documents online. The management can then send these signed in virtual documents to other parties for their signature. Thus, the need to carry paper bundles from one department to the other can be avoided. The issue of missing documents can be avoided. Also, one need not wait for HR to sign off. The forms directly flow to the right people for review.

Security and compliance

The E-signed documents are more secure than paper documents. With e-signatures, one can be confident that the documents will make it to the right people. The probability of paper documents getting lost is higher. While using e-signatures, there is no risk of filing documents in which the applicant forgot to sign. By this, the issue of blank i9 form can completely be eliminated. Imagine the regulator finding empty unsigned blank i9 forms during inspections. It isn’t very comfortable. Such situations can be avoided by using electronic signatures.


The workers enjoy the convenience of using e-signatures. The lengthy, burdened process of printing, signing, and scanning the document shall be avoided. The employees can easily add signature in word with a single click. Also, it is easy to use across different countries and industries. When COVID-19 has brought strict travel regulations, e-signature help easily exchange signed documents between two companies (in different countries).

Centralized document storage

With e-signatures, one can create a central document repository. Earlier, one had to search the file cabinets and even different systems to find a document.

Workflow tracking

It allows for tracking everyone who has accessed the document. Also, details such as who opened the document, when, who signed it, or approved it can easily be learned. Also, it helps to find out who is holding the document. The Bottom line is the e-signatures help to extract the complete history of a document.


The e-signatures help to please the clients. No matter where the clients are located, they can get the documents on time. It is mainly because the document moves across the work tables at a faster rate.


Above all, the e-signatures help to save money. It reduces the amount of money spent on paper and printing.

Storage Area

e-signatures help to avoid the pain of storing piles and piles of paper. The organization need not hold storage cupboards crammed with paper files.

Overall efficiency increases

By using e-signatures, the movement of documents, designs, and authorizations is done digitally. There are no manual transfers. Therefore, the time and errors are minimal. Even the employees on leave can sign the documents. It increases the overall workflow efficiency.

Avoids unwanted disputes

As the time of the signature can be tracked, one employee cannot blame the other for the delay. This way, the clashes among the employees can be avoided.

Legal validity

It helps to build authenticity. It can be used in any court to prove a favorable point.

Customer experience

The e-signature can be done anywhere. Thus, the requirements of the customers are easily fulfilled. For instance, say the customer is demanding his bill receipts or collecting a product through a salesperson. His demands are fulfilled immediately without consuming much of his time.

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