How to Use Discord Spoiler Tags? [Complete and Best Tech Tips 2023]

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What are Discord spoiler tags? Do you know about it? Here you will get the latest and the best tips on Discord spoiler tags.

One of the advantages of Discord is that it allows you to create communities of like-minded people or people with common interests. Obviously, one of the things we humans with whom we share interests most like to do is talk about the YouTube videos, TV, movies, games, books, comics, etc. that we like the most, but this can be a minefield of spoilers.

The last thing most of us want is for major plot points or the ending of an event to be revealed before we can enjoy it, but on a platform like Discord, with its text streams with many potential contributors, there’s a good chance someone hasn’t seen/read/heard what you and your friends are talking about; if they innocently scroll down, they can’t help but notice. Don’t be such a jerk! Use the Discord spoiler tag.

Adding Discord spoiler tags to your posts, as well as images, apply a format that hides them from all channel users until they decide to click on them, in which case the fault is theirs for doing so and ruining something for themselves: you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the right decision!

A little information about Discord software

Discord is a VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution platform designed for community building. Users communicate through voice calls, video calls, text messages, media, and files in private chats or within communities called “servers”. Discord servers are a collection of persistent chat rooms and voice chat channels. Discord works on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, and web browsers. As of December 2020, the service had more than 140 million monthly active users.

Discord is the brainchild of Jason Sitron, founder of OpenFeint, a mobile social gaming platform, and Stanislav Vishnevsky, founder of Guildwork, another social gaming platform. Jason sold OpenFeint to GREE in 2011 for $104 million, which he used to launch Hammer & Chisel, a game development studio, in 2012. Its first product was Fates Forever, launched in 2014. Citron predicted it would be the first MOBA game on mobile platforms, but it was not commercially successful. According to Citron, during development, he realized how difficult it was for his team to keep up with the tactics of games like Final Fantasy XIV and League of Legends with the voice-over IP (VoIP) software available. This led to the development of a chat service focused on usability with minimal impact on performance.

How to add Discord Spoiler Tag for Images?

Adding a spoiler to an image is similar, but you do not need to type anything. Click the + button next to the text box to add the image.

Locate the image in the Explorer window that opens. Select it and click the Open button in the Explorer window. A dialog box appears with options to download or cancel. Check the Mark as spoiler box to add a spoiler tag to the image and click the Upload button. The image you submit will be blurred and marked as SPOILER. People who click on it will be able to see it.

Disallow Discord Spoiler Tags

For whatever reason, you can disallow spoiler tags on your Discord server at your discretion. To do this, go to User Preferences, click on Text and Images and choose one of the following options.

“On Click” means that users on your server can click on spoiler tags to reveal spoilers. “On Servers I Moderate” means that you control the tags on all servers you manage. “Always” means that there are simply no spoiler tags.

Adding Spoiler Tags to Discord Text Messages

At some point, you may need to hide a message. Discord spoiler tags are used to do this. There are three ways to do this. To add a Discord spoiler tag, do the following.

  • Using /Spoiler Keyword

There are several ways to add Discord spoiler tags to text messages sent to the Discord server. You can perform the following steps on any platform, including mobile apps for Android, iPhone, or iPad.

  •  Using || Symbol

To add a Discord spoiler tag to a text message, type “/spoiler” at the beginning of your message. When you send the message “/spoiler is a spoiler message” to the Discord server, the message will be hidden until the recipients decide to view it. You can also type two vertical bars at the beginning and end of the message. For example, “||This is a spoiler message||” will also be displayed as a spoiler. To display a spoiler message in the Discord chat, click on it or tap it. The message is highlighted on a gray background.

Using Pop-up bar

If you’ve ever tried to style your messages on Discord, you’re probably familiar with the pop-up bar feature. This feature allows users to style their messages, send them as a quote, pre-format them, or even turn them into a spoiler with a single click or tap, depending on the device used. To add a Discord spoiler tag to your message using the contextual panel, simply type your message, then highlight the text with the mouse, which brings up a contextual panel with several options. Click on the last option (which is the eye icon) to hide the message.

This feature is available on the desktop application (including Windows and Mac), on the website, and on the iPhone and iPad. The great thing about the pop-up bar is that you can hide even a small part of a message with a simple tap. To display the message spoiler, either the sender or the recipient can click on the gray box. After typing, the message appears on a gray background.

How to Use Discord Spoiler Tags?

On the computer

  1. In the chat, highlight the specific part of the message you want to mark as a spoiler.
  2. Right-click and select “Mark as Spoiler”.
  3. Send a message.
  4. The spoiler text is now hidden by a black frame.

Alternative methods (Desktop only)

There are two other ways to use spoilers in Discord with a computer.

  1. Use Markdown syntax – wrap the text in ||| columns like this and it will appear as a spoiler.
  2. Use the /spoiler function in the chat window – add /spoiler before each message to mark it as a spoiler.

On Android and iOS

This is a universal method for Android and iOS Discord apps.

  1. Open a chat room in the Discord application.
  2. If you embed the text in spoiler bars, it will be displayed as a spoiler.

The alternative method (iOS only)

  1. In the chat, highlight the message and long click on it.
  2. Select the “Mark as spoiler” option.

How can I disable Discord Spoiler Tags?

If for some reason you want to disable Discord spoiler tagging, we can help you do that.

To do this, you must first go to “User Preferences”, click on the “Text and Images” option and then select one of the following options: “On click”, “On Servers, I Moderate” and “Always”.

What do these options mean?

“On Click” means that users on your server can click on spoiler tags to reveal spoilers. “On Servers, I moderate” means that you are assigned a post-management role and only manage the tags on all servers you manage. “Always” means you don’t have to click on the post, but spoiler posts are directly visible to users.

Some other Discord Markdown tags

Now that you know about the spoiler tag. Here are some other Markdown commands you can use to format text in Discord:

  • Italic: _text_ or *text*
  • Bold: **text**
  • Underline: __text__ [use _ twice]
  • Bold & Italic: ***text***
  • Underline & Italic: *__text__* or __*text*__ or ___text___ [use _ thrice]
  • Underline & Bold: **__text__** or __**text**__
  • Underline bold italics: __***text***__ or ***__text__***
  • S̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶: ~~t̶e̶x̶t̶~~
  • Quote: >text


Discord Spoiler tags are very useful and are often used. Often, certain messages are not intended for everyone, and only on Discord, it is possible to put a spoiler tag. In this way, the message and the image are hidden until the person wants to open them voluntarily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Discord Spoiler Tags:

How can I put a spoiler on Discord?

Discord is by far the main place where like-minded people meet. You tend to share things with people who have similar interests. So you share things that only people who intend to see them can see. That’s why. Discord has some features for this. To make the application even easier to use, it has some features related to the Markdown language. As we have already talked about text formatting, the spoiler tag also applies to it.

How can I hide text in Discord?

You can hide text behind an overlay spoiler by placing a pair of pipe symbols on either side of the spoiler text. If your keyboard does not have a “pipe” key, you can mark the text as a spoiler by highlighting it before sending a message and clicking the eye icon on the right side of the toolbar. Can Discord track you? Yes, Discord can track the games you play, whether you want it to or not. But you can hide your gaming habits from your friends, and if Discord collects information about the games you play, it won’t do anything bad with that information… yet.

Why is Discord dangerous?

Discord is dangerous for the same reasons as many other private chat applications. Real-time communication is difficult to control. Problems can be reported directly to Discord, but this takes time and your child may be exposed to adult content before it is removed.

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