How Much does Elon Musk Earn per Minute, Hour, and Day?

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It is not a competition, but Elon Musk usually Jeff Bezos in the list of the richest men in the world and his fortune grows more every day. For a while it looked like no one could beat the CEO of Amazon, but the CEO of Tesla was slowly inching his way, first beating Mark Zuckerberg and eventually every single successful entrepreneur above him in the rankings.

Not exactly a big surprise, Elon “World’s Richest Man” Musk had a big year in 2020, again in 2021 and also in 2022, with the launches of his first missions with NASA and a number of projects that helped him go increasing his fortune to astronomical amounts that many do not even fully understand. Elon Musk earns millions and has billions, and every day is a new opportunity for this to grow even more (and with this surely no one is going to bother his son by his name). Besides that he now also owns Twitter .

Elon is not like any CEO , he is charismatic, eccentric and more like a celebrity (he supposedly learned everything he knows about rockets by reading books), which has also made him a controversial figure, with a big, big bank account. .

According to reports, Musk (who has used his fortune to buy the most expensive “toys”) added about $150 billion to his fortune last year (how long would it take the average person to spend all that?) , becoming the first person in history to add over 100 billion to his personal net worth in one year, and with that he managed to blow past Jeff Bezos (who probably doesn’t care, he’s still filthy rich), though It didn’t take long for Jeff to regain the number 1 spot.

How much does Elon Musk earn per minute, hour and day?

Forbes explains that Musk ‘s fortune was around $219 billion at the start of 2022, while at the start of 2021 it is $185 billion, according to the list’s data. The businessman added 158 billion in a single year, which means that his earnings from him per day were around 432 million dollars.

With all this, it’s not much of a surprise that you can spend $44 billion buying a company. The most impressive thing is that, in just 2 years, his fortune went from 30 billion dollars to more than 200 billion.

If we divide that by 24 hours, assuming he makes money at all times, Musk earned around $18 million per hour and $300,000 per minute (yes, even while he was eating, sleeping, or explaining to his son how to pronounce his name). 

But this is the net worth of Elon Musk, it is not exactly his salary, it must be remembered that Musk does not receive a fixed salary from Tesla (despite the fact that he is the highest paid CEO today), as part of a deal of compensation that began in 2018, rather it receives opportunities of actions that can be accessed each time the company manages to exceed one of the goals that have been established.

It is a 10-year plan with which Elon can buy up to 20.264042 Tesla shares worth around $350. Bloomberg reports that it has already unlocked three tranches of shares in 2020 representing a payout of nearly $8.8 billion, giving it an income of more than $26 million per day for 334 days of 2020.

Musk ‘s wealth does not come from a salary, but from owning the shares of Tesla (he is the largest shareholder with 21%), in addition to the fact that Space X is worth 36 billion, which means that the profits of Musk could continue to rise as his companies become more successful, but also that it may fall if they hit a rough patch.

With all this, one would think that Musk leads a life of all the luxuries and excesses, but the CEO told The Wall Street Journal (after saying on Twitter that he would sell all his things): “I’m trying to make my life the most simple as possible at this time, so I will only keep things that have sentimental value.”

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