Elon Musk Details His Vision to Transform X Into an “Everything App”

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X owner Elon Musk outlined his ambitious goal to evolve the platform into an all-encompassing “everything app” offering a range of features beyond social media. He aims to eventually surpass China’s WeChat super app.

Musk Wants X to Become a One-Stop Digital Platform

During an employee meeting, Musk stated his intention to rapidly transform X into an comprehensive application where users can do “anything you want.”

He envisions X as a singular service for messaging, payments, video, job searches, live streams, shopping and more – replacing individual apps.

Compares Potential to China’s Mega Platform WeChat

Musk said China’s popular WeChat app exemplifies aspects of his vision for an integrated digital experience under one roof.

WeChat combines social media, e-commerce, banking, travel booking, and many other functionalities. Musk believes X can achieve similar all-in-one convenience.

Diverse New Offerings in Testing or Development

X has already launched or is building a variety of new features that inch it closer to Musk’s ambitious product roadmap.

Additions like audio calls, video streaming, creator monetization, and recruiting tools demonstrate X’s expansion beyond a standard social network.

Payments Seen as Vital Part of “Everything App”

Musk highlighted that enabling payments between users is a crucial forthcoming capability on X’s path to becoming an indispensable app.

Once regulatory approvals are secured, X aims make financial transactions possible on its platform like rivals have done.

Job Search and Dating Among Future Possibilities

Beyond digital payments, Musk hinted at upcoming options for finding jobs or dates directly on X as he pursues the “everything app” model.

These would follow the lead of LinkedIn and Tinder in providing specialized matchmaking functionalities within X’s ecosystem.

Improved Video Streaming and Discovery in the Works

Upgraded video tools would allow immersive live streaming of events alongside enhanced recommendation algorithms to better connect users with relevant content and accounts.

Musk believes X can become users’ go-to place for not just posting but also discovering video content.

Proposes Minimal $1 Annual Subscription

To support new offerings, Musk floated charging users a symbolic $1 yearly subscription fee to incentivize real humans vs. bots on the platform.

He contends such a negligible cost would be affordable for anyone while improving platform integrity.

In summary, Elon Musk outlined an extremely wide-ranging product vision to transform X into a massively comprehensive super app on par with China’s WeChat. He aims far beyond just social media.

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