Is Fashion Communication a Good Career Choice?

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Effective communication is an integral aspect of the fashion industry. It plays a vital role from the inception of an idea to its final stage of production and exhibition. Moreover, it also acts as a robust pillar for penning down ideas in the form of illustrations, brainstorming, sending requirements across to the manufacturing and designing department, creating a market for them, and more.

The fashion communication industry has seen a significant rise recently. It has given a fresh impetus to aspirants looking for new opportunities in an already dynamic market. The stable growth is attributed to the strong industry players and the business opportunity created for professionals and clients.


Fashion is information technology in the real sense of the word. It is a collaborative and creative process, constantly learning and developing new ways to meet an ever-evolving market’s diverse demands. It encompasses development, design, marketing, service, and merchandising. The core team includes passionate individuals who are constantly pushing the limits to redefine what is possible.

It is essential to convey your message concisely and attractively so people can get what they want. Fashion communicators persuade people to buy products through their marketing and public relations campaigns. They work in brand management, public relations, advertising, and research agencies specializing in consumer goods.

Skills and Qualification

Aspirants interested in pursuing fashion communication courses should strive to build skills in essential aspects such as verbal and written communication, public relations, brand identity, advertising, exhibition, and display design, graphic design, visual merchandising, etc. They should be competent to communicate and represent fashion correctly to the targeted audience. 

To complete this course, you need to build a foundation along with three years of education and eight and 16-week internships. It enables you to acquire a broad spectrum of design skills and build your vocabulary. While deconstructing fashion brands, you learn the basics of fashion marketing, research methods, merchandising, product innovation, and several other aspects. It is an undergraduate course for students passing 10+2 in any stream from a recognized board.


Fashion communication is a relatively new career option. If you love educating yourself on the latest fashion trends and concepts, then learning about them is an excellent opportunity. After all, communication is a big part of what you do, from running your business to communicating with clients and fellow employees.

After graduating from a well-known and registered design college in India, you can work in fashion houses, garment and textile export houses, fashion showrooms, retail chains, boutiques, television and film industries, academic institutions, etc.

Final words

Besides familiarising the aspirants with their legacy, evolution, and the current landscape, design courses build the foundation of aesthetic principles. They enable students to gain conceptual clarity and master the process of designing the garment, right from sketching, pattern making, production, and marketing.

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