Fashion Communication: Careers You can Build

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Communication, in simple words, is the transmission of a message from the sender to the recipient through a medium. Many things can impact it, for instance, the medium, the feelings of the sender and receiver, the intricacy of the message, and the environment. You need strong communication abilities to convey a clear, accurate, and effective message.

Fashion communication is a brand’s ability to effectively connect with its audience through different media, strengthening its market position. It has become necessary for every brand to have a distinct identity to connect with their customers compared to their competitors globally. It includes branding, public relations, fashion journalism, advertising, art direction, and visual merchandising.

Scope in India

It helps the fashion industry by bringing the brand’s identity to life through fashion advertisements, styling, graphic design, packaging, press releases, and visual and verbal communication. Besides knowing digital tools and writing, you should possess creative and technical talents to work in this field. Sharpen your potential by enrolling in fashion communication courses that are gaining recognition in India because of technology.

Current scenario

Owing to the pandemic, customers’ buying habits have changed. They are more stringent about their products, increasing the significance of communication in encouraging them to buy products, advertise interestingly, and develop promotional skills. It has made people appreciate the role of fashion marketing not only in India but worldwide.


Long ago, there was limited access to fashion education, including designing apparel, interiors, or lifestyle. Since then, a lot has changed, thanks to fashion marketing courses that show the adaptability and expansion of fashion in India. Firstly, understand what you require in this vast field.

Work on design strategies, portfolios, branding, styling, visual merchandising, graphic design, advertising, public relations, display, and exhibit design, and creative writing to excel in this field. Here are the career options:

Graphic Designing

A graphic designer with a fashion management course provides design solutions for products and activities on websites, posters, books, advertisements, magazines, displays, computer games, exhibitions, etc. They also work on developing a corporate identity, which gives an organization a distinct visual appearance.

Visual merchandiser

They create, deliver, and communicate visual thoughts and strategies to advertise retail brands, products, and in-store services online or in catalogs. They collaborate with galleries and museums and develop event visual designs after graduating from a design institute.

Brand manager

You can establish, maintain, and manage clients’ reputations through communication. A brand manager frequently communicates key messages through third-party endorsements to reach the target audience and build brand recognition.

Fashion stylist and retail designer

They offer people and celebrities advice on what to wear daily and how they should appear in magazines, special occasions, television shows, and other media. Retail space designers simultaneously work on many design and construction-related tasks to make the allotted business or retail area appealing. The number of customers entering the business is a barometer for success.

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