Fashion Design vs Fashion Communication: Which is Better?

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Although both are a part of the fashion industry, fashion design and communication are two distinct fields. They each offer lucrative career opportunities to young minds who want to pursue a career in the fashion industry, and while they may not be independent of each other, institutes offer separate design courses for each field.

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Fashion designing is an art form that creates clothing and accessories essential to someone’s lifestyle. Hence, a fashion designer can identify trends and select fabrics, styles, prints, colors, etc., to create a collection. Meanwhile, fashion communication courses prepare students to create and facilitate communication for the fashion world that forms the backbone of the entire industry.

It includes a comprehensive study that spans public relations, styling, advertising, photography, journalism, creative writing, and visual merchandising. Hence, the field involves the communication of fashion and communication through fashion.


Several design institutes offer separate courses for fashion design and communication, and their eligibility criteria vary according to the institute you choose.


A course in fashion design trains you to pursue the role of a fashion designer and get involved in this highly creative field that deals with things people wear. Your work includes keeping up with all the latest trends, making sketches for markets and clients, and coming up with new and innovative fabrics and designs. Besides this, a degree in fashion design can make you a fashion coordinator, concept manager, entrepreneur, and costume designer.

On the other hand, fashion marketing courses equip you with the requisite skills to venture into media, fashion marketing, accounts, digital marketing, communications, and social media. They are qualified to present compelling and viable solutions to the lifestyle and fashion industry, and there are several careers that you can explore in this emerging field.

For example, you can utilize your social media skills to become a fashion blogger or your passion for photography to become a fashion photographer. A good photographer is a game-changer because of the need for good visuals and aesthetics in the fashion industry. Besides these, a course in fashion communication enables you to venture into public relations roles for brands or celebrities, get involved in brand management and marketing, or become a stylist or image consultant. The possibilities are endless.

The fashion industry has several exciting opportunities for creative individuals keen to survive in this rapidly evolving industry. So, if you seek a career in fashion, fashion design and communication are undeniably great choices. While fashion design mainly helps you design and create clothing items and accessories, fashion communication involves the media and print aspects of the fashion industry.

So, take advantage of a good design institute renowned for its courses in communication design, fashion design, fashion communication, etc., and chart a successful career in the field of your choice.

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