Five Christmas shopping safety tips

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The most out-of-the-ordinary Christmases of your life are just around the corner. The covid-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench in everyone’s plans for the entire year, including the Christmas festivities. Curfews, mobility limitations, perimeter closures of municipalities and autonomous communities, restrictions on social interactions, and limited family reunions will all be part of the festivities. Always with the goal of ensuring the safety and control of a disease that is still present.

Regardless, you have the ability to have the most regular Christmas possible if you do your bit. This is done, among other things, to allow for earlier Christmas shopping. This manner, you may avoid crowds in stores and save unnecessary queues surrounded by people in a confined space, without foregoing the meals that cannot be missed on your tables during these times (meat, fish, seafood, charcuterie, nougat …).

Online stores offer you Christmas day sales and a variety of very beneficial and safe advice to avoid time being over you and to plan your purchases effectively. This manner, you will be able to confront these times with certainty and without risk. Take note of this.

  1. Purchase fresh and freeze

Planning is essential since it allows you to make the buy on time. Decide on the menus ahead of time, taking into account the amount of visitors – this time there will be fewer diners – their preferences, and any intolerances or allergies they may have. This way, you can construct a shopping list that is tailored to your specific needs, save money, and reduce food waste.

Don’t be hesitant to buy fresh products in advance, such as meat or fish. It is preferable to put them in the freezer. They retain their nutritional worth, and it is a highly convenient, safe, and practical solution. You only need to follow a few easy guidelines to do it right:

Freeze very fresh and high-quality food. Any raw food can be frozen in theory, as long as the inedible bits are removed first. When it comes to fish, it must be kept clean, free of guts and scales, and apart from the head. Any excess fat, skin, or bones in the meat must be removed. You can ask for it when you make your purchase at the counter.

Freeze food as soon as you reach home to reduce dangers and better preserve all of its characteristics.

Note the date of freezing, the name of the food or preparation, and the number of servings or weight. Defrosting should always be done in the refrigerator (the cold prevents the growth of microbes and bacteria). It should never be done at room temperature.

Refrigerate frozen foods in a clean, watertight container to avoid spilling on other products.

Remember that you cannot refreeze previously thawed food unless it has been cooked at high temperatures. On certain dates, it’s a good idea to prepare your favourite dishes ahead of time and freeze them until the specified time. It is critical to allow prepared items to cool before placing them in the freezer.

  1. Take advantage of fresh products that have already been vacuum packed.

Professional butchers have a variety of solutions, including vacuum-packed items that will keep in your fridge for 21 to 30 days. Lamb, sirloin, cut, suckling pig, duck, rotis the selection is extensive. You can keep the goods from oxidising by removing the air from inside the vacuum bag. You can do this to extend the expiration date of a food and keep it from rotting if you are not intending to consume it in the next few days.

  1. Purchase the meat, fish, and delicatessen items already packaged in trays.

It is a quick and easy way to accomplish your purchasing. Many options are available in chicken, beef, and fish in various cuts and forms, as well as delicatessen products. They can also be frozen for as long as the package specifies.

Put your orders in new sections.

You can order the parts you want ahead of time, as well as the cut or preparation you require based on how you intend to prepare them. You will save time this way. All of the products are available in the order catalogue or on the online, where you can discover everything from poultry and beef to fish and shellfish and even charcuterie platters. Simply request it through your online store and select a day and time to pick it up at a secure location within the store. You’ll get everything fresh and cooked to your satisfaction, and you’ll avoid the long lines at the counters.

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