Galaxy Watch 4: Full Specifications, Features and Review in 2023

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I need to tell you about my ice maker before I can adequately review the Galaxy Watch 4.

Please bear with me.

Even though I’ve lived in New York for almost a decade, I’ve never had a refrigerator with an ice maker. All this time, my ice machine has been my two hands. Filling ice trays, on the other hand, is a pain, and I’ve done it more than most because I drink an inordinate quantity of handmade iced coffee and enjoy a nice cocktail.

I finally put in an hour of study and invested roughly $200 on a top-loading ice machine a few weeks ago. There were less expensive possibilities, but this model produced the Good Ice — the square, crunchable version found in Starbucks and eateries. I’m currently enjoying a long iced coffee and crunching cubes as I type. The ice maker is spinning.

To put it another way, I spent $200 to make my life significantly better. I see the evident enhanced benefit.

I simply didn’t see any tangible benefits from incorporating the Galaxy Watch 4 into my life. That isn’t to imply the product isn’t worthwhile. Yes, it is. And while I could imagine people enjoying it, I’m not sure I’d make it a permanent part of my life. To continue with the Good Ice metaphor, some folks may adore the Galaxy Watch 4’s biometric fitness data. They could appreciate having their complete body composition recorded down to the smallest detail and their blood oxygen levels monitored in real-time. Every text could need to be jumped onto their wrist. That might be Good Ice, but it’s not for me.

Allow me to break it down for you.

The fundamentals

Here are the bare minimal details regarding the Galaxy Watch 4 before we dive into everything else. The price is $249. For the sake of comparison, the Apple Watch Series 7 costs $399.

Battery life is rated at 40 hours, which I found to be accurate.

Runs Wear OS

It’s available in black, silver, pink gold, and green, with a variety of band variations.

Health and fitness

I cover fitness a lot here at TechIdea, so I was excited to try out the fitness aspects of the Galaxy Watch. It contains all of the features you’d expect. It keeps track of your steps, active minutes, and calorie burn. If you’ve always wanted to experience “closing your rings,” the daily badge of pride earned by fulfilling the basic Apple Watch fitness goals, but wanted an Android version, you’ve found one.

It automatically recognizes workouts, just like any excellent smart tracker, which is ideal for someone like me. I go for a run every day and can’t seem to remember to open the Nike Run Club app, let alone begin a program on my watch. It would give me the opportunity to manually monitor the workout after a while, but I think the watch did a good job of keeping track of my workouts without my participation. It even did a good job of auto-registering brisk, long walks and bike journeys.

The watch may be used for a variety of health-related tasks, such as sleep tracking, body composition, and stress levels, which, sorry, seems a little stressful. It felt a little dystopian to look down at my wrist to see how worried I was, but if you want to keep track of all your vitals at all times, you can. You may also track your heart rate and, if you’re outside of the United States, measure your blood pressure.

I didn’t sleep with the watch on because I already have trouble sleeping and a wholeness watch isn’t exactly comfortable. The watch is stylish and not too heavy to wear, but it does have a substantial weight to it. There’s a reason why timepieces aren’t typically worn at night. Watches were never marketed as 24-hour wearables until recently. They have a function, but they aren’t always with you.

That fact, in fact, explains why I like my ultra-basic Fitbit Inspire 2. It just provides me with the information I require. While fitness trackers and smartwatches are becoming increasingly accurate, they are far from perfect. As a result, I prefer to take data from any fitness tracker or smartwatch as a baseline. Instead of believing that the data is 100 percent true, I just compare it against itself. I think it’s great to keep track of your workouts, but I think having a minute-by-minute digital tome to obsess over is a bad idea. I don’t want or need, to be constantly aware of what my body is doing. I don’t want to see my heart rate go up, then worry about it, then see my stress levels go up on the watch, and then…

Samsung’s watch can provide a wealth of information, which is fantastic. The Watch 4 may make someone extremely happy, but it can also feel overbearing, similar to how I felt about the Whoop Fitness Tracker. And I’m not sure I’d want to spend the extra money on a top-of-the-line product just to be bombarded.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
Photo Credit: Samsung

Usage in everyday life

Having an extension of your phone and computer on your wrist is one of the apparent selling features of any wristwatch.

The Galaxy Watch 4 succeeds in this regard. After the two companies integrated their wristwatch operating systems, it’s effectively the first watch that combines Samsung and Google. I paired the watch with an Android phone and found that it could handle the majority of my tasks. I texted, checked work messages, and skimmed through emails. The entire situation.

I liked that the Galaxy Watch 4 features a full keypad for quick texting and a decent dictation option for longer messages. If you’re an iPhone user looking for a Galaxy Watch 4, though, you’re out of luck. An iPhone will not pair with the gadget.

The Galaxy Watch’s apps are relatively simple to use and browse. Simply swipe up to access a page of apps that you may rearrange as you see fit. If you frequently use your watch for directions, Google Maps should be stored in a convenient location. If you enjoy working out, make sure your running app is prominently displayed. Working with the watch is a basic process that will be familiar to Android users and wasn’t too difficult for this long-time iPhone user to figure out.

If you’ve been wanting a smartwatch for a long time but have been putting it off, the Galaxy Watch4 is a fantastic option. It performs admirably and accomplishes nearly all of the tasks for which the Apple Watch is most commonly used.

In a nutshell, it’s a decent smartwatch. Nothing stood out to me as particularly horrible.

I suppose I would have preferred the watch in 2019 when things were more normal. But since I work from home, I don’t go by train, I don’t go out often, and my life isn’t particularly hectic. I don’t have a strong need to check texts or emails on my wrist. I have plenty of time on my hands, let alone enough to check my phone.

What was the most common tool I used? Samsung Pay is not a new service, but it still performs admirably. It was really straightforward. Simply press a button on the side of the watch and you’re done. Instead of digging through my pocket for a debit card or a phone checkout, I found myself using it at most of my regular haunts.

Appearance and feel

Galaxy Watch 4 has a lot of features. Note that I tested the Galaxy Watch 4, not the Watch 4 Classic, which has nearly comparable features but is constructed of stainless steel rather than aluminum and has roughly the same characteristics. The face of the Galaxy Watch 4 is relatively tiny and circular, with only two physical buttons. The model I tested was completely black, but it’s also available in silver, pink gold, and green. The Apple Watch is a smidgeon cleaner in appearance — and it comes in some fascinating hues — but that’s a question of personal preference. The Watch 4 appears to be a regular watch, while the Apple watch appears to be, well, an Apple Watch.

The Watch 4 strap is adequate in terms of comfort – Samsung’s regular band was adequate. The watch isn’t too heavy to wear, and it fits comfortably on my wrist. It seemed a little loose and clunky at times, but I’ve never worn a watch before, so I’ll chalk it up to getting used to something new.

On the watch face, you can have as many displays as you want. Because I’ve had a long-standing fondness for my Fitbit, I chose one that focused on fitness information.

Watches and straps of various colors

Watches and straps of various colors. Samsung is to thank for this.

Even yet, if I had to choose something just on the basis of appearance and timekeeping, I’d have a hard time saying it looks better than old-fashioned watches.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is an excellent smartwatch. I can’t think of anything that made me think it was a horrible product during my weeks of testing. It delivered on the majority of its promises.

However, I was left wondering what value it brought to my life. A fantastic piece of technology — or any significant investment, such as an ice machine — should significantly improve your daily life. Although the fitness tracking was adequate, I still prefer my Fitbit. It allowed me to access my messages from my wrist, but I don’t need it. It appears to be in good condition, but I could find a more attractive regular watch. I liked having Samsung Pay on my wrist, but not enough to pay a few hundred dollars for it. When I brew an iced coffee, I look down at my beverage and am overjoyed that I have an endless supply of Good Ice. I’d think it was cool to check a text on the Galaxy Watch 4, but I’d probably bring out my phone anyway.

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