7 Game Tips to Get You Started with Laser Tag

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Laser tag is a game that has become increasingly popular over the years, with players running around to hit their opponents with infrared beams. It’s one of the few games where no one knows who will win until the end!

Laser Tag is an exciting game for all ages and levels of experience. There are two types of gameplay options: capture-the-flag or elimination rounds. Capture-the-flag requires teams to steal tags from each other’s bases, while elimination rounds require players on both teams to aim at opposing team members and deplete their shields. Here are some tips on how to get started with laser tag:

1. Choose a Team and an Attitude!

Laser Tag can be a team sport or a free-for-all, depending on the game’s rules. If you plan to play as a team, decide ahead of time who will take charge before you step onto the field. Then strategize about which member should take each position (i.e., offensive/defensive/shields). If you’re more competitive, try choosing one person as your “target” and focus all your firepower on taking them out! This will require skilful evasion tactics from your target if they hope to survive until the end.

2. Keep Moving… But Not Too Much!

Running around like a headless chicken may make you more visible on the battlefield, but it also makes you harder to hit! This is because as you move left and right, your opponent may lose sight of your exact position for a few seconds. To up your chances of survival even further, try taking cover behind obstacles and dashing out to shoot at opponents when they’re vulnerable. If you find yourself in an elimination match and only one player remains (i.e., you), then play defensively, hide behind structures and wait for your targets to expose themselves before shooting them once with a minimal force so that they can “die” without having to run back to their base.

3. Size Up Your Opponents!

Use your time on the sidelines to observe which players have been eliminated and what positions they play before selecting a target, so you’ll know who has the most vulnerable shield and/or skills. If a player is out of commission, you can use them as bait to lure other participants into an ambush later in the game! Be sure to watch closely, or else you may get caught off guard by a sneaky opponent that sneaked up behind you while your attention was elsewhere.

4. Use Specials Wisely!

Every laser tag set comes with unique perks that allow players to become virtually invincible (i.e., invincibility), blast opponents around corners or even teleport to another part of the playing field. Use these specials wisely, as they can give your team a much-needed edge over the competition. However, don’t rely on them too much, or you may find yourself out of luck when they run out.

5. Communicate with Your Team!

If you want to win at laser tag, it’s important to communicate with your team members. This can be done using hand signals or verbal commands (depending on the distance between players). For example, if you see an opportunity to steal a flag, let your teammates know so they can cover you while you make the theft. Likewise, if someone on your team is running low on shield energy, tell them to hide or head back to the base for a quick recharge.

6. Stay Alert!

In any game, it’s important to stay alert at all times. This is especially true in laser tag, as you never know when someone will sneak up on you and take you out with a single shot. Make sure to always keep your head up and scan the battlefield for any potential threats.

7. Have fun!

Laser tag is just a game. So go into each battle with a positive attitude and have fun while playing!

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