Google forces YouTube Vanced to shut down ‘due to legal reasons’

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Google has threatened to sue the creators of the popular Vanced YouTube software. Vanced’s founders have said the project would be shut down soon, with download links removed. While the app will continue to run for those who already have it loaded on Android, it is likely to stop working without further updates. Legal considerations, say the Vanced owners, forced them to abandon the project.

Google recently gave the proprietors of Vanced a cease and desist notice, forcing them to stop distributing and developing it. “We were told to remove any references to ‘YouTube,’ replace the logo, and erase all links to YouTube products,” a Vanced admin tells The Verge through Discord.

Vanced is a popular YouTube app for Android since it allows users to filter all YouTube video advertising without a Premium subscription. Customizations not available in the official YouTube for Android app.

Google continues to target third-party apps that access YouTube. Last year, YouTube shut down two popular Discord music bots before testing ad-supported YouTube integration into Discord just weeks later. In addition, the Rythm and Groovy Discord music bots avoided advertisements, allowing users to share music together.

“Vanced has been discontinued,” the owners said on Telegram. It’s not what you wanted to hear, but it’s necessary. We’ve contacted Google for comment on the cancellation of Vanced and will keep you posted.

“Finishing the Advanced Project”

Vanced is no more. The download links will be removed soon. For now, the Discord server, Telegram chat, and Reddit will remain. We know you don’t want to hear this, but we had to. We appreciate your continued support.

Edit (1): The old version still works.
Edit (2): For legal reasons.”

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