Google Messages Profiles Replace Manually Set Contact Photos

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Google’s newly introduced Profiles feature aims to provide contextual information in conversations by allowing users to set their name and profile photo that contacts see. However, if enabled, these profiles will override and replace any previously manually set contact photos that users may have carefully added themselves over time.

While convenient for some, this overriding behavior eliminates the custom-curated contact images that certain users have purposefully cultivated in their messaging app over the years to personalize chats. Unlike Apple’s iMessage, which prompts users before changing a profile photo and allows them to reject updates, Google Messages forces changes with no opt-out ability.

Google’s priority was ease-of-use and convenience with profiles rather than preserving user-curated data and preferences. The argument is that most standard users do not actively maintain customized contact images, with many conversations displaying unpersonalized initials or placeholders. Profiles deliver an upgraded experience. However, power users who value the thorough cultivation of their contacts are left dismayed. Additionally, you can also read about- How to use Google Messages [Step By Step Guide 2023]

After an initial soft launch of profiles in mid-November 2022, adoption remains low due to Google slowly rolling out the feature. Wider implementation is planned over the coming months to further improve the messaging experience. Profiles promise particular utility for group message threads where identifying participants is valuable.

In related aesthetic changes, custom bubble colors configured by users will now display for both the sender and recipient in chat streams, similar to other major messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger.

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