WhatsApp Innovates: Simplifying Messaging to Unsaved Contacts

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Without a doubt, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps—if not the most popular—and for good reason. The development team at Meta makes sure to introduce features that users will actually use rather than a random assortment of things that no one will remember, so yes, it is slower when it comes to gaining new features.

Everyone will now find it simpler to communicate unsaved contacts thanks to the app’s newest feature, which should have been possible a long time ago.

WhatsApp lets you search for numbers to message unsaved contacts

Even though it appears to be a simple feature, it will be useful for people who deal with contacts that haven’t been stored. For instance, when I bought dinner a few days ago, the delivery person was unable to reach me and asked me to provide him my position via WhatsApp. I needed to add his phone number to my contact list before sending the address. With the new feature, all I have to do to find the number will be to simply search it, which is quite convenient.

Thankfully, the new functionality eliminates the need to save phone numbers because WhatsApp will let you search for the number you wish to message and begin looking for that contact outside of the saved contacts. Take a look at the image WaBetaInfo shared.

The feature is not limited to the WhatsApp beta, which is wonderful news. However, the most recent version of the software for Android or iOS is required for proper operation. I tested it on my Galaxy S22 Ultra, and it performed as advertised; from now on, you can send a message to someone without first having to save their contact information and then delete it after you’re done.

Although this is only a little tweak, I think it will greatly improve the app’s usability for many people, including myself. If there is a particular feature you’d want to see added to WhatsApp, and you’ve been checking back often, you can be assured that we’ll let you know as soon as we see it being added.

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