Hogwarts Legacy: Discover the World Using your Broom

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Fans are looking forward to the game that will come out with Hogwarts Legacy in February 2023. Now, in another gameplay demo, the developers showed how to go out and see the world around Hogwarts. We’ll tell you what the video on this subject is about.

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What’s happening is: In the second gameplay video from the makers of Hogwarts Legacy, there is once again a lot of information. One of the most interesting parts of this video is how the open world is set up and how you can move around in it. The people who made the game put a lot of work into making the world around Hogwarts interesting to explore at different times of day and year.

The World of Hogwarts Legacy and how you can Explore it

How to see the whole world: In Hogwarts Legacy, you won’t just look around inside the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You’ll also be able to move around the big building in large areas. You won’t just be able to use the broom like everyone else to do this. You can also move on the ground and in the air with a hippogryph. But you can only get the hippogryph if you pre-order the game, and we don’t know yet if you’ll be able to tame other flying creatures like it in the game.

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The familiar broom is said to be much faster at exploring than the hippogryph, but it can only be used to move through the air. On the other hand, you can switch between walking on the ground and flying with the Hippogryph. So, even though the hippogryph is slower than the broom, it has its own benefits.

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Atmospheric Game World: At an early point in the story, you should be able to fully explore the world of Hogwarts Legacy. It has a full day and night cycle, which has effects on different things and places, and a change of seasons. Overall, the video shows a very detailed environment that makes you want to go explore. We can only hope that the open world will have lots of things to discover.

Will you look into every part of Hogwarts Legacy, or is the story more important to you?


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