How To Find That Hidden Furnace Filter?

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Finding hidden furnace filters can be challenging. Furnace filters are tiny. They can hide in small spaces. In most cases, furnace filters can hide in duct openings, the grill, the attic, and the ceiling. Find it quickly. Replace it with the 14x24x1 air filter. Use the following tips and tricks to find furnace filters.

In The Fan

Check near the fan. This is one of the most likely places to find your hidden furnace filter. Manufacturers often install furnace filters in front of the fan to prevent debris from entering it. It helps in covering the fan and preventing any blockages.

Duct Opening

Older heating systems usually have air filters installed inside a duct opening. Check inside the duct openings if you have such a system in your home. The furnace filters could probably be located inside them

Grill Opening

Another possible location where you can find furnace filters is the return air grill. Simply go near the grill and check if there are any filters around. Use as a screwdriver to untighten the grill cover and then pull it out to access your furnace filter.

Air Handler

Have you tried checking around the return duct or air handler? Well, your furnace filter could be positioned near these points. The air handle typically refers to the large metal box where your fan and motor are enclosed.

All you need to do is to locate the grill opening which allows air to enter in. This is referred to as the return duct. Then work your way to the air handler. The furnace filter should be located somewhere between the two.


Your furnace filter could also be located in the basement or attic. You may also want to consider searching for it at the back of your closet.

Take your time to check the attic or basement for a slot that looks like an air filter. This should be near the air handler. The slot might look like removal or a hinged cover. Reach inside the slot by removing the cover. At this point, you should be able to locate your furnace filter.


Don’t forget to inspect the ceiling. Your furnace filter could be right there. However, if you still can’t find it, check the wall. During your hunt, keep a close eye on things such as a removable cover, air return duct, slot, or hinged cover. The furnace filter may be located around these points. If after checking all these spots you can’t still find it, then it means that it was removed and wasn’t replaced.

Key Takeaway

Find that hidden air filter quickly. Replace it with a new one. A new filter will make your home fresh and comfortable. It will also minimize allergies.

The Bottom-Line

Change your hidden filters today. Changing the filters will purify your home’s air quality. New air filters will protect you from breathing-related issues. Locate it in the duct opening. Check to see if it’s in front of your furnace’s fun. Use the above tips and tricks to locate your hidden furnace filter.

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