In-Demand Tech Skills for 2023

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In today’s innovation-driven and IT-enabled online world, tech professionals, popularly known as techies, are much in demand. Few segments of industry and market are moving ahead and growing exponentially. To keep pace with the growth, their tech requirement is trying its best to grow parallelly. This constant requirement for updating and upgrading has increased the demand for tech professionals worldwide. 

Countries facing a shortage of tech professionals are trying their best to quickly change and adapt their immigration laws to attract the best tech talent from across the world. Few countries like the UK have also introduced the Innovator visa, which enables innovation and tech experts to move and work there. 

A few years ago, the most in-demand and tech-oriented countries seemed to face a severe tech skill crunch. Even the western giants appeared to feel the pinch. The US opened up its doors to tech specialists in a bid to keep pace with technology growth. This saw a mass exodus of tech specialists vying for entry into the US.  

While this was an excellent move from the country’s perspective, aspiring techies had to go through the immigration process and visa formalities. To avoid such situations, it is always better to seek expert advice from a US immigration attorney on the statutory requirements for a visa application. It will help ensure there are no hiccups while entering the US. 

A few of the most sought-after tech skills for 2023 are: 

Software Development:

This is the technical process of outlining, planning, designing, creating, and deploying a specific set of computer codes as an instruction program to carry out an activity or transaction. It is a compilation of a group of instructions in the form of a program that tells the computer what is required to be done and how it should be done. Software is what makes the computer hardware programmable and usable.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence or AI is the technology of simulating a near-human type of intelligence executed through programmable machines. These programmable machines can follow a standard set of operating instructions. When in the operational process, the machine runs specific actions that appear to be almost close to or similar to human intelligence and the way humans may think. 

Basically, AI more or less replicates human actions. Through AI, machines can exhibit specific characteristics similar to the human mind. These could include a process of learning, the implementation of activities, and the ability to solve particular problems. The resultant action-implementation ability post the AI learning process is known as machine learning or ML. This ML enables the machine to synchronize and learn to adapt without any human intervention.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality:

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are interlinked in a way. While VR enables the user to experience an immersive and created environment, AR augments and enables a near-real experience. Users need to wear certain specially designed headsets or goggles to experience VR. AR can be projected in an open environment. VR, as the word means, is fictional and unreal. AR happens within the here-and-now real-time. Both are highly technical and specialized and require experts to create the programs and content. This is slated to be the future of advertising, branding, and marketing and is in demand. 

Engineering Technology:

Engineering technology is the implementation of hands-on, innovative technical expertise. In every aspect of life, industry, manufacturing, building, construction, or simply infrastructure development, engineering technology’s application matters. Even if the two words are separately considered, i.e., engineering and technology, both directly or indirectly relate to planning, designing, manufacturing, building, and a host of other tools and process systems used regularly and in day-to-day life.

Cloud Computing:

As the word means, this technology is all about the internet and its ability to serve as a host for computing, creating IT resources and providing immense storage capacity. All this is done online and on the internet, which means no investment is required in localized hardware to host the programs or store the data. This specialized tech has enabled the world to save time, effort, energy, and the costs related to doing all the same activity on local hardware. This technology has many options that help users adapt their businesses. These could be Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). 


Today, across the online domain, risks arising due to data loss or theft are very high, unexpected, and detrimental to the business. Those who indulge in stealing such online data are known as hackers. Protection from such theft and other malicious online actions against a company is what cybersecurity encompasses. 

Cyber Security, as a technology, is in very high demand because it is not limited to any sector or industry and can happen to anyone at any time. Among the most prominent skills for Cyber Security is a vulnerability assessment and the subsequent protection through firewalls. 

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