Instagram Tests “Hype” for More Interactive Stories

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Instagram is testing out a new “Hype” feature that enables users to post public comments on Stories. Unlike regular Story replies, which are sent privately via DM, Hype comments are displayed directly on the Story for all viewers to see.

As evidenced by social media expert Matt Navarra’s example, Hype replies allow users to interact in a more public, conversational way on Stories. This ties into Instagram’s broader shift towards making stories more collaborative and interactive. 

Last July, Instagram head Adam Mosseri noted that Stories and DM sharing have eclipsed feed posts in terms of user activity. As such, Instagram is focused on maximizing engagement in those spaces vs. the main feed, which now spotlights popular video content. In addition, you can also read an article on- EU Requires Meta Outline Instagram Safeguards Against Child Abuse By Dec 22

Features like Close Friends, Collaborative Posts, the Wonder Wall, and more aim to facilitate participation among profiles beyond just public posting. The new Hype option aligns with helping users engage with disposable, intimate stories.

While activity in Meta’s apps is growing, original sharing continues to decline. Without user-generated posts, Instagram loses its connective power. Thus, you can expect more interactive features as Instagram tries to incentivize profile-to-profile participation.

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