The Jobs that Artificial Intelligence Can’t Replace

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It is no secret to anyone that artificial intelligence is transforming the world of work. In different areas, their contributions are becoming extremely valuable, but their rise and potential could also have a direct impact on thousands of jobs, leaving the future of the same number of employees around the world in doubt.

We were recently hearing about jobs that could disappear due to ChatGPT and other AIs . Although they seemed distant cases, the recent demands that Hollywood actors and scriptwriters have made public, make it clear that no one is safe… Well then It seems that this is not entirely true.

While it is difficult to predict with certainty which professions will be completely immune to replacement by artificial intelligence in the future, some of them seem less likely to be replaced due to their intrinsic characteristics involving complex and emotional human skills. Some of these professions include:

Professions related to social work and psychology

Social work and psychology involve the treatment and care of people with emotional and mental problems, which requires empathy, understanding and emotional sensitivity, aspects in which AI cannot yet (for now) match humans.

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Education-related professions

It is true that artificial intelligence can help in teaching, but human interaction, emotional stimulation and adaptation to the individual needs of students remain essential. Teachers and professors play and will continue to play a fundamental role in the education of students.

Professions related to scientific investigation and discovery

Although AI can speed up data collection and analysis, human creativity and intuition remain essential in formulating hypotheses, designing experiments, and interpreting results in many areas of science.

Professions related to highly specialized manual labor

Some tasks that require precise fine motor skills in complex contexts, such as surgery, certain forms of crafts, and technical repair, can be difficult to fully automate.

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Professions involving artistic creativity

The unique artistic and creative abilities of human beings, such as painting, literary writing, music composition, fashion design, are difficult to fully replicate by artificial intelligence.

Personal care related professions

Jobs that involve caring for people, such as nursing, caregivers for the elderly, and medical assistants, involve significant human interactions and special care that are difficult to replace with artificial intelligence.

While it is important to say that while some professions may be more resistant to replacement by AI, technology can complement or enhance many of these occupations, streamlining tasks, providing decision support and increasing overall efficiency. How future professionals will prepare to face tomorrow’s job changes is extremely crucial.

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