What other American Football Bodies Can Learn from The NFL’s Adoption of Technology?

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The NFL is the leading American football sports organization in the country and beyond. Other American football bodies look up to the NFL. Many young talents who play American football across the country dream of being drafted to play for an NFL team.

American football has reached incredible heights due to the NFL’s laudable strategies implemented over time. The results are visible for all to see because the NFL is always looking to improve the sport. Fan experiences are also pivotal to the NFL. That is why the NFL never leaves tiny details to chance. American football fans have learned to trust the NFL over other American football bodies. This is quite clear because they always get to check out all the NFL betting picks and predictions at NFL Point Spreads.

Suppose you take a cursory look back at the state of football in America. In that case, you will notice that the NFL’s fortunes started to significantly outshine other football bodies in America within the last two decades. Every average American football fan notices the glaring difference between the NFL and others. Technology is the secret to the NFL’s remarkable success within the last two decades.

What Are The Remarkable Technology Adoptions That Made Significant Difference For The NFL

The NFL’s relationship with technology has been on for about three decades. In the early days, there was a lot of doubt about adopting technology in the NFL. A primary concern was how adopting technology would not eliminate traditional aspects of American football.

While the NFL was reluctant to take on technology, some NFL teams started to implement technology in different aspects of their game. This soon raised uproars among other teams and left the NFL in a dicey situation.

The benefits of technology to the teams that were adopting it were visible to everybody. Still, the NFL needed to ensure a level playing field for everyone.

Soon, technology adoption among NFL teams was becoming free-for-all. Teams were consistently looking for ways to utilize technology to improve their game. Without adequate supervision, the situation was bound to degrade the NFL.

Technology has always been a part of the NFL. Before this point, it was primarily adopted in off-field situations. The initial cynicism and reluctance to embrace technology started to fade, bringing waves of demands for on-field technology adoption in the NFL.

Today, the NFL is thriving due to the many benefits it is deriving from technology.

Here are some of the biggest technologies that impacted the NFL positively:

  • Artificial Turfs

Speed is a primary required skill for succeeding in American football. Artificial turfs are remarkable for increasing player speed, and as a result, they have made the NFL faster. Many teams started adopting artificial turfs because their players recognized that it increased speed. They are also easier to install and maintain.

  • Helmet Radio

Helmets are a major safety kit used by NFL players. Technology has always been used to improve the condition and safety standards of helmets in the NFL. But, in the early 90s, teams started to use helmets as communication devices. They affixed a radio to helmets for coaches to pass instructions to players. This eliminated the difficulty in communication between coaches and their players and helped teams to catch their opponents unawares.

Today, both defenses and offenses use helmet audio, and the technology is much more improved to deliver high-quality and secure communication.

  • Instant Replay

Instant replay is also a remarkable technology that has changed the fortunes of the NFL. Instant replay was primarily developed to help referees make error-free decisions, and it helped to set a high standard for officiating in the NFL. However, it soon became an essential tool for NFL doctors too. With the availability of slow-motion replays from different angles, doctors can review on-field scenarios to study the root of players’ injuries closely before beginning treatment.

Instant replay has also contributed significantly to the game’s integrity. NFL results used to be debatable, but with instant replays, fair results are usually delivered for every game.

  • Video Enabled Scoreboards

Video scoreboards have positively improved the live game experience of fans in NFL stadiums. With video scoreboards, fans no longer miss out on any action, and they can give a clear depiction of events on Twitter and other social media channels.

Video scoreboards are crucial for fans and are a great tool for coaches and players. Video scoreboards give players and their coaches a vantage overview of the field. Players can spot their opponents at a glance, and coaches can quickly review replays immediately after they come on the screen.


These technologies have been the major technology adoptions that set the NFL apart. Interestingly, they are also birthing other new technology adoptions that continue to increase the NFL’s positive outlook. Other American football bodies must learn to fully embrace technology like the NFL.

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