10 Top Eco-Friendly Gadgets to Help Reduce Environmental Impact

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The bet, which started a few months ago and will continue into the future, is to come up with gadgets that are not only cutting-edge but are also made with one goal in mind: to help the environment. Since, bringing the best smartphone or smartest watch on the market is no longer enough. Here are a few of them.

1. Google Nest Learning Smart Thermostat T3007ES

Most of the time, electricity is used by things like heaters and air conditioners. This is where one of the new Star Wars gadgets named after a character comes in. With the Google Nest, you can change your home’s temperature from your phone or computer. But its AI will walk you through each step to find the perfect temperature that lets you be comfortable while saving energy and doing your “grain of sand” for the world.

2. Samsung Solarcell Remote

Don’t buy batteries again for the rest of your life. And the reason is that batteries are always a nightmare. Not only are they expensive, but they also cause a lot of pollution. Experts say that each year about 15 billion batteries are used, but only 2% of them are recycled. To deal with this, Samsung is betting on a solar-powered remote control for its screens. As its name suggests, it can be charged by sunlight, but it can also be charged by indoor lighting or, if necessary, through USB.

3. Garmin Instinct Solar

Have you forgotten to bring the charger for your smart watch on a trip or hike? Certainly. As part of its new commitment, Garmin showed off a line of smartwatches that have all the features to expect from the company, plus the added bonus of being powered by the sun. In addition to these things, it has a unique autonomy and an intelligent mode that lets it last up to 54 days on a single charge. In its standard version, it has GPS, a tough design that meets military standards, GLONOGASS to protect it from scratches, and Trackback routes to help you find your way back. For much more precise activities, there are also Electronic Sports and Surf versions. It is one of the things you can use to your advantage.

4. BeatsFlex

The Beat Fit Pro is a good example. But in this case, it’s important to talk about this model of hearing aids, which was made with different recycled parts and recycled plastic that is found in different parts. In terms of its technical features, the Flex is made for people who like to work out. It has a flexible design, a 12-hour battery life, an improved microphone, and the ability to share audio so that you and a friend can listen to tracks and playlists at the same time.

5. Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse

Since a few months ago, Microsoft has been working to reduce its carbon emissions. The main goal of this plan is to have “zero waste” from production and packaging by 2030. This mouse, which is one of the first steps, is made from a high-quality resin that contains 20% recycled ocean plastic. To make this gadget, the company teamed up with SABIC, a chemical company in Saudi Arabia, to take a definitive first step. However, this does not mean that Microsoft will no longer be on the cutting edge of technology.

6. Apple Watch Series 7

Since a few months ago, the Cupertino company has also joined the search for ways to make its products and how they are sold have less of an effect on the environment. This is shown by the fact that this Apple Watch and all of its parts are made of the most recycled materials of any model. All of the magnets are made of 100% recycled rare earths, almost all of the tungsten is made of recycled materials, and the box for the aluminum watches is made of 100% recycled materials. The company has also said that the Apple Watch Series 7 is made without using mercury, PVC, or other chemicals like beryllium.

Today, all of Apple’s business operations around the world are carbon neutral. The goal for 2030 is for the business as a whole, including supply chains and all stages of a product’s life, to have no effect on the climate. For this reason, all Apple products must have zero carbon emissions, from getting the materials to recycling and reusing them, through making the parts, putting them together, shipping, using, and loading them.

7. CASETiFY Compostable Cases

Even though it’s not a gadget in and of itself, it’s one of the most popular accessories today. When you buy a smartphone, the first thing you think about is the case, which will not only protect it from drops but also show off our style and personality. In this area, CASETiFY promised to make some models out of a material called ecotify, which the company made and registered. ecotify is made of biopolymers, starch, and bamboo, and it is 100% compostable and biodegradable. This means that when the models are no longer needed, they will break down naturally and return to the earth. Yes, this set of cases is strong enough to protect your smartphone from drops of up to more than one meter. And don’t worry about shipping because it comes in packaging that can be recycled.


It might not look like a gadget at first. You’ll think differently after reading this. Through its lid, which has an LED light that turns on every two hours or when you turn on the system, UV-C light that is used in some hospitals to clean rooms gets to the whole inside. This technology gets rid of 99.9999% of the viruses and bacteria, as well as the bad smell. At this point, maybe the most questionable thing is that the lid needs to be charged, which uses electricity. You only have to do this once a month, which is good news. On the Scape platform, you can buy LARQ.

9. Echo Show 10

Along with some Echo Dot family members, the Show 10 is made out of 100% recycled fabric, aluminum, and plastic. Also, all of the wood fibers come from forests that are managed well or from recycled materials. When it comes to how it works, you should know that Amazon Devices says the Echo’s AI lets it run in a low-energy mode, which saves electricity when it’s not being used. It’s worth mentioning again that its 10.1-inch screen moves with you around the house so you don’t miss any of the details of what you’re watching.

10. Wake-up Lights Philips

This strange alarm clock is “green” not because of how it works, but because of how it was made. And it’s because Philips has made a commitment to the environment by putting its money on a “green” design process that follows the standards of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As for its benefits, Wake-Up wakes the user up in the most natural way possible by using the sound of birdsong and light.

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