How to Maintain Clip-On Hair Extensions?

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Hair extensions are undoubtedly popular as they allow people to have lengthy, voluminous, colour-highlighted hair without much struggle. In order to fit different hair types, the hair extensions are accessible in various types, such as tape-in extensions, clip-on extensions, fusion hair extensions, and more.

With clip on hair extensions, it is possible to get your dream hair and desired hairstyles in just a few minutes. Maintaining and washing hair extensions is necessary to retain the new look and refreshing smell and remove dirt build-up.

Step-By-Step Tips To Wash Your Clip-On Hair Extensions

Follow the below-listed steps to wash and maintain the hair extensions:

Prepare The Hair Extensions

Comb the hair extensions to remove knots or tangles before washing them. To eliminate heavy tangles without tugging or damaging the hair, gently brush from top to bottom using a soft bristle brush or a comb with wide teeth. Bundle the wefts together and place them on a flat surface to make it easier.

Take Warm Water In The Sink Or Bucket

Before washing the artificial hair integrations, ensure that the bucket or sink is clean. Pour warm water and some color-safe moisturizing shampoo to clean the extensions.

Hold the clips while you wash the lengths to prevent the clips from getting wet. Put the extensions in water and rinse them gently.

Use Shampoo And Conditioner To The Hair Extensions

You can use shampoo and conditioner on the extensions. Apply the preferred shampoo to the clip on hair extensions and carefully rub it into the lengths of every weft while clasping them at the top to ensure proper cleaning.

Clean the shampoo and use the conditioner by putting every weft on a dry cloth. If you apply the solution gently to each one, there will be no unnecessary knots. After applying the conditioner, leave the extensions for 5 to 10 minutes, which will keep the hair silky, shining, and easy to manage.

Clean And Rinse The Extensions

You must adequately rinse the hair extensions after shampooing and conditioning to ensure that all hair product solution is gone. The extensions might remain greasy if you do not correctly clean them with shampoo or conditioner. Due to that, the hair extensions might feel slippery when dried.

Clean the extensions using warm water until the water is neat and feels clean. Get cold water to lock the moisture, making the hair soft, shiny, and silky. 

Comb And Detangle The Extensions

After properly cleaning and rinsing the extensions, carefully squeeze out the remaining water to remove moisture from top to bottom with a microfiber towel. Make sure not to use a rough towel to rub them since it might break the hair or even develop tangles.

Grab a brush or comb with wide gaps to detangle the hair and make it soft. After the extensions have completely dried, it will help the hair keep its knot-free state. Before drying the hair, it is also best to utilize a leave-in conditioner to give it more smoothness.

Allow The Hair Extensions To Dry

Allowing the hair extensions to dry naturally is a decent method. To accomplish this, drop them in a well-ventilated place or leave them aside on a dry cloth. Although you may want to use the hair dryer for a speedier fix, it is best to resist this because it could harm the extensions.


It is simple to protect the hair extensions from any potential damage with proper care and maintenance. This way, they can last longer without losing their natural look and feel.


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