Microsoft Bing Chatbot and Edge Browser Get Massive AI Upgrades

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The statement made on Thursday begins the next phase of Microsoft‘s efforts to integrate AI into Bing and Edge. You can now perform multimedia searches, keep your chat history as you browse the web, export and share chats, and use a new tool called “actions” to assist you in completing tasks with the new Bing and Edge updates. Additionally, Bing, which had a restricted preview before, is now accessible to all.

For a detailed explanation of every new Bing and Edge announcement, continue reading.

Visual search when words can’t express

More visual input and output are now supported by Bing chat in a number of different ways. Responses in a Bing chat can take the form of pictures, videos, even graphs and charts.

Microsoft is developing multi-modal capabilities as well, so it can comprehend shared images and videos. You could upload a picture of the sweater your friend was wearing, for instance, and the system would suggest comparable options for you to purchase. Microsoft just introduced Image Creator, which creates graphics from text prompts using OpenAI’s DALL-E model. More than 100 languages are now supported by this feature.

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Your chat history is finally saved

One of the most desired features, the ability to save and share Bing chats, was fulfilled by Microsoft. You will soon be able to view a log of every session you have had with Bing chat. The ability to opt out of conversation history is coming; we will have additional information to provide at a later time, a Microsoft spokesman said in response to a question about if Bing will feature a “incognito mode” like ChatGPT or a choice to keep Bing data private.

Bing is now more self-explanatory

Have you ever requested Bing to sum up a lengthy article or webpage but were concerned about its accuracy or propensity for hallucinations? A “show your work” option is now available on Bing that would please teachers.

“Actions” are more powerful than self-reliance

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The new feature “Actions” moves artificial intelligence one step closer to performing activities for you. You may ask Bing to look for movie streaming alternatives using the Edge browser, and it will do so. You may also ask it for assistance with a variety of browser-related settings, such as requesting that it organize tabs according to theme or import passwords from another browser.

Plugins for Bing with ChatGPT

By converting the Bing chatbot from generative AI to a virtual assistant, this capability might completely shift the game. Microsoft is now allowing third-party developers to install plugins to Bing Chat.

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