7 Warning Signs Your Car Battery is Dying

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One day you decide to take your car, either because you are going to work or because you have some commitment, and when you try to start it, you realize that your vehicle has decided not to run. Has it happened to you? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one; this is one of the most common faults that is normally the cause of a battery failure.

The car battery is a fundamental element for the proper functioning of your vehicle. The most important action it performs is starting the vehicle. But today, 80% of the elements are electronic, so they depend on the energy they produce. Therefore, if it is not in perfect condition, it is very likely that it could leave you stranded.

When you use your car, the battery is recharged through an alternator, which allows it to gradually generate and accumulate energy. If you pay attention to the details, you may realize when the battery starts to fail, and if you catch it in time, you can extend its useful life without having to change it for a new one. For this reason, from car rental, we tell you what the 7 signs are that warn you that your car battery is dying.

How Often do you have to Change Your Car Battery?

It is considered that the useful life of a car battery is usually around 4 years. But this is only an estimate since there are vehicles whose batteries last for more or less time.

The durability of the battery depends on several factors, such as the use of the vehicle or the maintenance that is carried out on it. The ideal is to carry out a periodic review and verify its status from time to time in order to extend the time to change it.

Another reason why your car battery may die prematurely is recurrent driving in low temperatures. That is, if you drive your car during the winter or usually park it on the street, it is possible that your battery could lose its charge.

7 Signs that Your Car Battery is Dying

There are certain signs that are key to predicting that the useful life of your car battery is coming to an end. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to the following factors:

1. Slow-starting Motor

It is important to pay attention to the way your vehicle reacts when starting. Sometimes certain battery components wear out over time, making them less effective. When this happens, starting the car usually takes a little longer, which is a warning that its useful life is coming to an end.

2. Lights and Electronic Elements

As we have previously commented, the battery is in charge of feeding energy to all the electronic elements of the vehicle. From the lights to the radio or the screen. Therefore, if the battery is losing charge, you will begin to notice that it costs more for these elements to work correctly. Also, you should keep in mind that the more things you connect to your vehicle while driving (mobile phone, charger, etc.), the faster the battery will run out.

3. Check Engine Light on

If the check engine light comes on while driving, the causes can be very diverse. But one of the reasons may be that your battery is dying. The best thing in this case will be to go to a workshop to verify the exact reason.

4. Bad Smell

If you notice a bad smell when you start your car, it may be because the battery is losing gas. This may be the result of an internal short circuit. In this case, it is best to change the battery and thus avoid risks.

5. Corrosion in the Connectors

If, when looking at the battery, you notice that there is a white substance, you may have a corrosion problem. This usually causes problems starting your car.

6. Swollen Battery

Extreme climates, whether it’s too cold or too hot, are to blame for shorter battery life. Therefore, if you see that it is swollen or cracked, it is very likely that it does not work well.

7. Battery Age

If the battery is more than 4 years old, sooner or later it will die, and, therefore, it is possible that you will be stranded without reaching the place you had planned.

What is the Reason Why a Battery Discharges Quickly?

If you have changed your car battery relatively recently and it has still discharged, it could be for various reasons:

  • Because you left the lights on.
  • because it has been standing still for a long time.
  • Because you only make short trips,  there is no time for the battery to recharge.

To prevent your battery from dying prematurely, it is essential that you try to avoid these three situations and that you make good use of the vehicle. These types of inconveniences are quite common, but with car leasing, you will never have to assume extra expenses for breakdowns like this.

Both maintenance, repairs, and spare parts are included in the fixed monthly fee, so you won’t have to pay anything else. Take a look at our catalog of rental cars for individuals and drive the car that you like best without paying an entry fee or any other initial payment. Add renting and forget about worries.

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