Microsoft Unvails AI-driven Cybersecurity Assistant ‘Security Copilot’

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After releasing its AI-powered Copilot assistant for Office apps, Microsoft has announced Security Copilot, an AI-powered assistant for people who work in cybersecurity. This new assistant is meant to help defenders find security holes and figure out what all the signals and data they see every day mean.

Security Copilot is run by the GPT-4 generative AI from OpenAI and the security-specific model from Microsoft. It looks like a simple prompt box and works like a chatbot. When asked, it can give a summary of all the security incidents in an enterprise.

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According to the company, it uses the 65 trillion signals that Microsoft gets daily from its threat intelligence gathering and security-specific skills to help security professionals find threats.
With the help of AI, here’s how Microsoft Security Copilot will strengthen defenders.

Simplify the Complex

Security Copilot makes it possible for defenders to react to security problems in minutes instead of hours or days. It uses natural language to give guidance and context, which makes it faster to figure out what happened and what to do about it. This gives the defenders more time to work on more important things.

Catch what others Miss?

Defenders are given the ability to spot potentially undetected malicious activity and threat indications thanks to Security Copilot. Security Copilot gives real-time prioritized danger alerts and continuously reasons using Microsoft’s global threat information, which gives defenders the upper hand by predicting threat actors’ next moves.

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Empowering Security Teams

The security team can advance by using Security Copilot. It can resolve both straightforward and intricate security queries, hone users’ abilities, and offer guidance in line with your business’s preferences. It also aids new team members in picking up new techniques and skills. Your security team may perform better and behave like a bigger, more seasoned team with the help of Security Copilot.

Other features of the Security Copilot

  • include access to cutting-edge OpenAI models for critical security tasks and applications.
  • a security-focused architecture that uses constant reinforcement, learning, and user input to address the specific needs of security professionals.
  • Security tools and the enormous volume of threat data that Microsoft analyzes every day (65 trillion signals) give ongoing visibility and up-to-date threat intelligence. By doing this, security teams are guaranteed to have access to the most recent information regarding attackers, including their strategies, techniques, and processes.
  • Users can gain from a highly effective experience that utilizes the complete range of security signals by integrating with Microsoft’s extensive end-to-end security portfolio.

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