South Korea Tops List of Most Technologically Advanced Countries in the World 2023

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South Korea retains its throne as the globe’s tech kingpin. Its penchant for pushing boundaries in research, combined with its culture’s innovative spirit, makes it a tech powerhouse. And it’s not alone in the East; Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore are right up there, flaunting their tech prowess.

Europe and Asia: The Tech Powerhouses It’s Europe and Asia’s world, and we’re just living in it. Bar the United States, who’s comfortably sitting in the second spot, the next 15 countries are all from these two continents. Taiwan’s climbing up the ranks, now in third place, thanks to pouring more resources into research. Germany’s leveraging its age-old engineering genius, especially in the realm of green energy. Fun fact: countries without rich natural resources, like the Nordics, Belgium, Switzerland, and Japan, are leading the tech innovation pack.

Israel’s making significant moves. With a buzzing startup scene, it’s no wonder they’ve climbed up to sixth place. From life sciences to military tech, Israel’s making its mark. Meanwhile, the UAE, another Middle Eastern gem, is enjoying a respectable 18th spot.

But not all is well in tech-land. Japan’s taken a hit due to a surprising drop in internet usage among its citizens and an over-reliance on traditional methods in the public sector. Their technological agility in the business realm is also waning, causing them to slip to 16th.

Tech Giants Facing Tech Troubles In a twist, China (41) and India (65) haven’t lived up to their tech potentials this year. For all of China’s R&D efforts, it hasn’t managed to bring enough of its citizens online. Meanwhile, India’s low investment in research is becoming a bottleneck. Other expected tech giants like Brazil, Indonesia, and Russia haven’t made impressive strides either, with Russia facing potential “brain drain” due to its ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

Decoding the Ranking System Wondering how Global Finance whips up these rankings? Here’s the sauce:

  1. Internet and LTE Penetration: These twin metrics look at how many citizens can easily access the internet and use 4G.
  2. Digital Competitiveness Score: Thanks to the IMD World Competitiveness Center, this score tells us about a country’s current tech landscape and its future innovation potential.
  3. R&D Expenditure: Lastly, how much is a country investing in tech’s future? Their R&D budget gives us a clue.

Ranking of the World’s Most Technologically Advanced Countries and Territories in 2023 by Global Finance

Ranking Country Composite Score
1 South Korea 6.63
2 United States 4.94
3 Taiwan 4.90
4 Denmark 4.79
5 Switzerland 4.68
6 Israel 4.10
7 Finland 3.94
8 Netherlands 3.79
9 Sweden 3.76
10 Norway 3.59
11 Singapore 3.50
12 United Kingdom 3.49
13 Belgium 3.42
14 Germany 3.25
15 Austria 2.99
16 Japan 2.97
17 Iceland 2.97
18 United Arab Emirates 2.88
19 Canada 2.54
20 Australia 2.29
21 Hong Kong SAR 2.26
22 Estonia 2.11
23 France 1.42
24 Qatar 1.38
25 Czech Republic 0.89
26 Slovenia 0.89
27 Lithuania 0.89
28 Spain 0.71
29 Bahrain 0.61
30 Luxembourg 0.53
31 New Zealand 0.47
32 Hungary 0.31
33 Malaysia 0.26
34 Latvia 0.10
35 Cyprus -0.05
36 Ireland -0.21
37 Portugal -0.22
38 China -0.23
39 Saudi Arabia -0.31
40 Poland -0.39
41 Slovak Republic -0.72
42 Italy -0.85
43 Thailand -0.98
44 Russia -0.99
45 Croatia -1.23
46 Greece -1.59
47 Romania -1.90
48 Bulgaria -2.38
49 Kazakhstan -2.40
50 Turkey -2.56

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