New Physics Law Backs Theory We Live in a Simulated Reality

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A University of Portsmouth physicist has investigated whether a new law of physics he discovered could lend credibility to the hotly debated simulated universe hypothesis.

New Infodynamics Law Challenges Conventional Understanding

Dr. Melvin Vopson previously established the second law of infodynamics, which states that information entropy in information systems remains constant or decreases over time. This challenges the conventional understanding that entropy always increases per the second law of thermodynamics.

The new paper published in AIP Advances examines how this groundbreaking infodynamics law could impact physics across disciplines like biology, atomic physics, and cosmology.

Key Implications Across Scientific Fields

Biology: The infodynamics law disputes the current view of genetic mutations, suggesting they follow patterns ruled by information entropy. This has major implications for genetics, virology, pharmacology, and evolutionary biology.

Atomic Physics: It explains electron behavior in multi-electron atoms, providing insights into phenomena like Hund’s rule on atom stability. Atoms self-organize to minimize information entropy.

Cosmology: The law supports itself as a cosmological necessity. Thermodynamics applied to an expanding universe validate it. Additionally, you can also read about- Agostini, Krausz, and L’Huillier Awarded Nobel Prize 2023 in Physics for Groundbreaking Study on Ultrafast Electron Observation

Symmetry in Universe Explained

The prevalence of symmetry in nature may be explained by the law. High symmetry corresponds to lower information entropy states, revealing why the universe favors symmetry. This resembles a computer optimizing itself by deleting excess code.

Information as Fundamental Building Block

Dr. Vopson’s previous finding that information has physical mass and could be the mysterious dark matter is also backed up. The infodynamics law lends credence to the idea that information is a basic entity like mass and energy.

Empirical Testing Next Steps

Dr. Vopson stated that empirical testing is required to further validate the law. One possibility is his proposed experiment using particle collisions to confirm information as the universe’s fifth state of matter. 

The new infodynamics law moves the simulated universe theory from philosophy towards mainstream science. With profound effects across physics, it warrants further investigation to unravel our reality’s true nature. If you want you can also read – The Science of Death and Dying: 15 Surprising Findings

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