Saudi Arabia and Pakistan Agree to Enhance Health Collaboration

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On Monday, the health ministers of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan agreed to enhance collaboration in healthcare during a meeting in Cairo. They vowed to cooperate on vaccine technology transfers.

Saudi Minister Fahad bin Abdul-Rahman Al-Jalajel met with Pakistan’s Minister Nadeem Jan at the World Health Organization’s regional meeting.

Vaccine Technology Transfer Discussed

Per a Pakistani statement, the ministers will work on transferring vaccine production technology, with an expert team exchange planned soon to formalize it.

Technical cooperation in nursing and paramedics was also discussed. A Saudi delegation will visit Pakistan to finalize recommendations and agreements.

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Support for Pakistan’s Healthcare Plans

Minister Jan outlined Pakistan’s Pharma Pak plan to increase domestic medicine production. Minister Al-Jalajel offered Saudi support for the initiative.

Al-Jalajel also said Saudi Arabia would back Pakistan’s first Global Health Security Summit in December. The two nations have long enjoyed close ties and want to expand strategic cooperation.

Recognition of Pakistani Medical Professionals

Many Pakistani medical professionals work in Saudi hospitals. Saudi Arabia recognized their contributions during COVID-19.

The meeting shows both countries aim to deepen healthcare collaboration through personnel exchanges, vaccine technology transfer, and strategic support.

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