OpenAI Against Regulating Smaller Startups in AI Field: CEO

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Sam Altman, the CEO of the company responsible for ChatGPT, stated at a conference in New Delhi, India, that OpenAI opposes the regulation of lesser artificial intelligence startups.

“We have stated unequivocally that there should be no regulation of minor businesses. At an event hosted by the national newspaper Economic Times, he stated, “The only regulation we’ve called for is on ourselves and larger people.”

Altman is on a whirlwind tour of the globe, meeting with several heads of state.

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OpenAI has raised $10 billion (approximately Rs. 82,620 crores) from Microsoft at a valuation of nearly $30 billion (approximately Rs. 2,47,870 crores) as it invests in expanding its computing capacity.

After OpenAI’s ChatGPT became the fastest-growing consumer application in history, governments including the European Union are contemplating how to regulate the technology.

“The DPA is concerned about how organizations using so-called ‘generative’ artificial intelligence handle personal data,” the agency said.

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The organization “will take a variety of actions in the future. As a first measure, we have requested clarifications from OpenAI via letter.”

DPA stated that it was requesting information regarding how the company collected the data used to develop its software and how it stores data, including information garnered from user inquiries.

Concerns are growing regarding the potential for abuse of the technology and the possibility that evil actors and governments will use it to disseminate significantly more disinformation than in the past.

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