Paris SG.LGD wins the 2021 OGA Dota PIT Invitational

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Although Paris SG.LGD’s mid-player Cheng (NothingToSay) Jin Xiang is unable to get the visa. The team was able to win the OGA DOTA PIT Invitational. The coach of the team Zhang Ning took on the responsibility in the absence of the mid-player and took the team to victory. However, Cheng not getting the visa is a matter of problem for the team.

The major reason for worry for the team is that International 10 will be held within a month and NTS is like a backbone to the team. Although the coach is a great player himself, matching the NTS contribution in a game is still too much to expect from him. NTS is unarguable the best player on the team and losing him is certainly a big setback.

The DOTA PIT win showed that there are other four world-class players in the team as well. They have been in immense form during the matches that led the team to the victory. All these players played incredibly well as they were on the mission to avenge the ESL One Fall 2021 loss. DOTA beat Team Spirit in the grand finals.

Spirit did their best in counter-attacking the LGD’s tactics, however, they failed. The thing that went in the favour of LGD is their game pace. Spirit was unable to keep up with the LGD’s pace and the finale proved that LGDs are better than the team spirit. Spirit did their best and one could say that it wasn’t their day.

Momentum plays a vital role in any game, Spirits tried to make some tactics based on timings. However, LGD showed maturity in knowing the correct time to play aggressively. This helped them to win the finale.

Despite NTS missing from the team, LGD managed to win against Spirit. The way players manage their resources makes it clear why LGD is seen as the favorite to win TI10. LGD has also beaten top teams like Tundra, even when Cheng was missing from the squad.

There is no doubt that it will be fun to see LGD play the TI10 against the top teams. They have got a huge responsibility on their back. The responsibility is to prove everybody wrong and win the games.

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