Porsche’s New Brain Implant Chip Left Neuralink In Its Dust

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The brain implant prototype created by German automaker Porsche appears to have surpassed Neurolink’s chip in important speed benchmarks. Porsche claims to have broken the neural circuit record with their chip-enabled central brain, which operates eighteen seconds faster than Neuralink’s.

When Porsche’s chip is revealed later this year, not much is known about it yet, but the company said it uses a regular commercial microprocessor that hasn’t been altered in any way. Porsche added that the testing circumstances were “clinical” at the time its chip established the new standard.

Porsche has always been known for its sports vehicles‘ exceptional handling and performance. Road automobiles made by the business were said to be “telepathic,” enabling experienced drivers to navigate courses practically by thought. Porsche is currently using comparable ideas to create quick brain-computer interactions.

In the absence of greater transparency, some neuroscientists have voiced doubts regarding the veracity of these alleged cerebral speed records. Porsche’s claim coincides with an intensifying competition in cutting-edge brain implant research between IT firms and automakers. One day, people with impairments may be able to engage in sophisticated human-computer interaction thanks to technology.

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