What are the Qualities of a Good Teacher?

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Teaching is a noble profession, and it requires lots of time, dedication, and commitment. The teacher needs to be aware of their responsibility and works towards the formation of a responsible society. However, many other qualities reflect an excellent teacher. Here we are providing you the list of qualities you can find in a good teacher. Read below to know in detail.

Respect for Others

Respect towards others is one of the basic qualities of a good teacher. They need to respect all the students and fellow teachers working with them in a good way. The other students and teachers also treat him/her in the same way and will love their personality. A good teacher knows their limits and where to set boundaries in a professional space. They keep interacting with students and hear their problems, and try to help them to overcome them.

Set High Expectations for Students

The expectation is always high with a good teacher. They motivate their students to match those expectations and excel in the academics or skills they are learning. Good teachers set no boundaries for their students when it comes to skill learning. They will encourage their students to learn whatever they are interested in and enjoy their lives. Teachers’ high expectations can open up many doors of learning for students and help to outshine in their careers.

Introduce Innovative Teaching Approaches

A good teacher must know that no rigid parameter needs to follow while teaching the students. They will be highly flexible with their teaching style. They must accept the involvement of technology and use different audio-visual aids to make classes more engaging for students.

Do Fair Evaluation of All Students

A good teacher must know that it is necessary to follow specific guidelines during the evaluation of students. It doesn’t mean that they are not allowed to go for the flexible path. A teacher must know that every student is unique, and all of them don’t fit the same type of evaluation criteria. Flexibility doesn’t resemble favoritism anyway, and it needs to be an unbias decision.

Be Flexible with their Strategies

A good teacher knows the difference between when they need to be flexible or not. They need to be rigid and welcome the changes and get adapted to them easily. They handle each student with the same patience and understanding irrespective of their backgrounds and economic condition. So they must have an open & positive mindset towards the changes.

Accept Continuous Learning Methods

A good teacher must know the continuous learning methods and available for their students on different platforms. The top 3 continuous learning methods include introducing technology, using an online classes app, and assessments of project work.

Technology Advancement in Teaching

The pandemic has open the door for technology, and a smart classroom is a new school for students. A good teacher needs to learn the essential technical skills and use most of these innovations while teaching.

Use of Online Classes App

Online classes app is the new way to showcase continuous learning opportunities. Your adaptability and willingness to learn more will help you in exploring this side of teaching. Moreover, there are plenty of online classes available at the google play store. Check the features and choose the one that fits your requirements, like  Access to whiteboard, automated attendance or fee collection, and more.

Project Work/Assessments

A good teacher needs to be updated about the relevant topic before asking your students to work on it. The students will come up with many doubts while researching ideas and might mislead by the wrong theory. So you need to have enough information about the same to help the students and help them out in case of any confusion.


You can only analyze the qualities of a teacher if you know about them well. So I hope you find the list mentioned above helpful. It will also improve the way of teaching. If you think we have missed out on any qualities, comment below and share them with us!

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