Avoid These Tech Buying Mistakes to Save Money

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Amazon’s Prime Day was a real hit in July with sales reaching a record-breaking $12.7 billion! It’s astonishing to think that this global retail powerhouse began its journey in a humble garage, selling just books. Personally, I think Prime Day would feel even more special if it fell on prime numbered days like the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, or any of the others up to the 31st.

But, in our quest to save a few dollars, it’s essential to avoid common pitfalls that could actually end up costing more.

Problem: Letting free trials become paid subscriptions With streaming services hiking their prices this year, we can’t afford to overlook the cost.

Solution: As soon as you sign up for a trial, set a reminder in your phone or calendar about a week before the trial ends. Put in a secondary reminder for the day before, just to be safe.

Problem: Choosing cheap alternatives for crucial items There’s a hidden danger in opting for cheap charging cables. For instance, a girl recently woke up to her bed on fire due to a faulty charger. On my radio show this weekend, an NYC Fire Chief and I discussed the rising frequency of battery fires.

Solution: When shopping for phone chargers or replacement cables, stick with official or certified options. The same advice applies to tech gadgets with lithium-ion batteries, like e-bikes.

Problem: Getting swept away by marketing hype Marketing makes everything seem like the next big thing, whether it’s a foldable phone or the newest iPhone. But often, it’s just that – hype.

Solution: Resist the temptation to upgrade your tech if it’s working perfectly fine. Don’t let the marketing cycle get the best of you.

Problem: Buying used tech from unreliable sources Purchasing second-hand devices from individuals on platforms like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace might seem like a good deal, but you’re essentially taking the seller’s word on the device’s condition.

Solution: If you’re looking for used tech, consider reputable retailers like Amazon or Best Buy that back their products and offer refunds if the product is faulty. Stay smart, and your wallet will thank you.

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