Tech Tips to Follow When Moving to A New Home

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One of life’s most thrilling experiences is relocating to a new home and Truoba residential architects can make the whole process smoother. It could also rank among the most stressful things but when you work with professionals everything is much simpler. Moving requires a lot of preparation, involving setting the house ready for move-in. Our daily lives at home are relying more and more on home networks and smart home technology. You should therefore give your new home’s technological infrastructure top priority. Here is a 9-step tech checklist to ensure that your new house is tech-ready.

Inspect your New Home’s Ethernet Wiring

The greatest time to perform numerous home upgrades is while your house is vacant. Ethernet advancements are no different. In every place where you’ll need wired connectivity, make sure you have Ethernet connections. This may apply to your garage, bedrooms, workplaces, walls with smart TVs, and even the area near your roof (for PoE cameras).

To determine where and how to put your network switches, modem, and router, you’ll also need to learn where the Ethernet connections connect to one another.

Ensure Adequate Wi-Fi Coverage

Wi-Fi reliability and strength are essential for happy families. It’s a fantastic idea to make plans for having reliable Wi-Fi throughout the house before you move in. If the house is bigger, you should think about where you will put wireless access points or whether you will use a mesh network.

Setup Networking Hardware Prior to Moving in

Moving might be less stressful if network equipment is installed prior to moving in. Installing and configuring gadgets in your new house will be simpler from the start if Wi-Fi and the Internet are operational, and you’ll enjoy the convenience you’re used to.

Install Smart Devices Before you Move in

Numerous smart appliances, like thermostats, light switches, and smart bulbs, are actually components of your home’s infrastructure. Before moving in, try to install these and make sure they function. You may completely configure and test these devices after your network and Wi-Fi are set up.

Plan Out your New House’s Safety and Security Technology

Plan for safety and security in your new house as a final but by no means least crucial stage. This entails installing security systems, surveillance systems, leak detectors, smoke detectors, motion detectors, and smart lighting, among other things.

Buy Smart Devices by the Same Manufacturer if Possible

When built by the same manufacturer, smart gadgets interact, sync, and perform better, however not all smart devices can be produced by a single brand. Adhere to the same manufacturers whenever you can when introducing additional devices because it can reduce synchronization issues and you’ll have to install fewer apps to interact with your various devices.

Select Safety Over Money

Finding something inexpensive online is alluring, but off-brand products might have a variety of issues. They might break down, they might not upgrade correctly, and they can leave your gadgets or system vulnerable to hacking. Use well-known brands with dependable security features.

A new home move is a difficult task. However, this is also the ideal time to make technological advancements that will help you throughout the duration of your stay in the house.


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