Telegram Servers Go Down, Netizens Turn to Twitter to Complain with Hilarious Memes

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Telegram servers go down, users take to Twitter to vent their frustrations with humorous memes. In the afternoon, users in India began to experience a variety of challenges when attempting to use the platform.

Many people were unable to connect to the server, and others were unable to send or receive messages, which irritated them. As the issues persisted, unhappy consumers took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

As people’s reliance on the internet and social media platforms increases, so does the number of people experiencing server problems. Netizens have recently experienced disruptions on nearly all platforms, including social networking apps such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as Spotify and Discord. Telegram was the first to join the list on Saturday.

In search of answers, some users tagged Telegram and took screenshots of their apps to indicate that nothing was working. Meanwhile, some users shared photos of their apps that were frozen and displayed update warnings on the screen.


Although the corporation did not disclose what went wrong as consumers were experiencing delays, it apologized to several users on Twitter. “There was a minor incident that caused some users to experience connectivity issues But everything is now back to normal,” the messaging platform apologized.

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