How to Go Live on TikTok: A Complete Guide for its Users [Updated 2023]

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There are numbers of ways how to go live on TikTok, whether you’re a student or a seasoned professional. A live stream will help you earn gift points in addition to expanding your audience. Here are some pointers to get you started with TikTok. Create a series of films to address small company pet peeves before you begin. Then, at regular intervals, go live to discuss these typical problems.

If you’ve been posting on TikTok for a time and want a more direct way to interact with your fans, going live is a terrific way to do so. Here’s the way how to go live on Tiktok.

Last year, TikTok’s TikTok LIVE tool added the option to live stream. However, only those who match particular criteria are allowed to establish their own, making the feature somewhat exclusive.

Continue reading to find out how to go live on TikTok…

Who can go live on TikTok?

TikTok’s “Live” function gives producers an easy way to interact with their audience, increase their following, and, if they’re 18 or older, possibly make some money.

However, there are a few prerequisites before being able to know how to go live on TikTok.

  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • Have a minimum of 1,000 followers.

You won’t be able to use the Live feature unless your account has at least 1,000 followers.

TikTok’s in-app currency cannot be granted to creators aged 16 to 18 with 1,000 followers, but they can still use the Live feature to stream and connect with their audiences. You should also be aware that while you’re alive, you can’t aggressively solicit donations or offer incentives for providing presents. Otherwise, you’ll be breaking TikTok’s community rules.

What is TikTok Live? 

TikTok live refers to live-streaming on the platform for your entire audience. Because internet users explore TikTok Lives of their choice, public TikTok Lives typically draw more viewers.

Short films on TikTok are popular for attracting an audience, but broadcasting TikTok live allows fans to interact with you in real-time.

TikTok Live has the potential to affect a larger number of users. This contact strengthens the bond between a creator and his audience. It’s a fantastic tool for content creator who wants to display their ability or originality through live performances and shows.

About Going Live on TikTok

If you’re considering going live on TikTok, there are a few prerequisites you must complete before taking steps on how to go live on Tiktok you may do so. First and foremost, you must be at least 16 years old. Users under the age of 16 have a restriction on their profiles that prevents them from going live. TikTok determines your age based on the information you submit during your initial setup.

The minimum follower requirement is another box to check. To gain live access, you must have a minimum of 1,000 followers. The option to go live is not available if you have fewer than the requisite number of followers. You’re only a few clicks away from going live if you meet both of the conditions.

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How to go live on TikTok?

1. Open the app, tap +, and select Live

The camera symbol with the plus sign in the center appears when you first start TikTok. That icon should be tapped. Under the record button, you’ll notice Live, which is identical to where it says Camera and Templates.

2. Choose a thumbnail and write a title for your broadcast

This step is probably more crucial than you realize when you’re in the middle of it. Other people will be able to locate your stream thanks to the thumbnail and title. While going live is primarily for your fans, making your live video public can help you reach a wider audience.

4. Tap Go Live

Finally, select Go Live from the drop-down menu. That’s all there is to it. That’s all there is to it when it comes to going live on TikTok. You can do things like flip the camera, apply effects, and filter comments once you’ve confirmed that you’re streaming.

How to Go Live With Someone on TikTok?

TikTok has the advantage of allowing you to ask others to co-host the area in addition to streaming solo lives. At any given time, you can invite up to 20 moderators.

That’s a fantastic feature for a company like yours wanting to extend its market. You can reach new audiences by co-hosting with another account in the same field.

So, how to go live on Tiktok with someone? The steps are straightforward.

  • First, go through the entire process of going live on TikTok. At the bottom left of the screen, you’ll notice a circular blue and pinkish icon. You can tap it to invite others to be co-hosting in your live room.
  • After that, you’ll get a list of people who have requested your live video or are now watching it. Simply pick the individuals you wish to invite to the live session and hit “Add.”
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How to Go Live on TikTok on an iPhone and on Android?

  1. Open the app and press the ‘+’ button.
  2. Select the ‘LIVE’ tab from the drop-down menu.
  3. Give it a title.
  4. Press the ‘Go Live’ button.

After your live, go to your “options and privacy” area and select “LIVE replay” to access the recording for up to 90 days. You can either download or remove your live video from there.

Top 14 Best Practices for Going Live on TikTok

To help your content sparkle, TikTok has published a list of things to consider when designing your Live strategy:

1. Set the stage for your story: Make sure you have a solid lighting setup and a stable filming platform. A ring light, for example, will give your Livestream a more professional appearance.

2. Make sure the audio is of good quality: If there’s any background noise, make sure it’s limited so your audience isn’t distracted.

3. Go Live at the peak of your audience’s activity on the site: You have the highest chance of arriving on TikTok’s For You Page by streaming and scrolling while they’re online.

4. Session length: Live sessions are limited to 60 minutes, but TikTok advises 30 minutes as a sweet spot.

5. Stay active: Prior to your broadcast, make a video. If a user watches your video during the live broadcast, a special symbol will display, allowing them to directly enter your stream, which is a win-win situation.

6. Lighting: Proper lighting can improve the quality of your film in a subtle but significant way. Film in a well-lit place with natural lighting or try utilizing a ring light when setting up your Live.

7. Sounds: Keep background noise to a minimum. Make careful to broadcast from a calm location so that users can hear you clearly.

8. Consistent Internet connection: Hosting a successful stream requires a stable Internet connection. Invest in the best and test thoroughly before going live!

9. Camera angle: Too much movement can make your stream wobbly (and dizzy), so choose a stable location for your phone or camera and lock it in place for the duration of your broadcast.

11. Plan ahead: While a script isn’t required, having a sound plan of attack for your broadcast can help you stay focused. To stay on track, use cue cards or plan out a succession of talking points.

12. Interact with your audience in real-time: The finest part of a TikTok LIVE is interacting with your fans. To truly interact with your audience, keep an eye on the chat and answer comments, questions, or requests.

13. Moderate your Live: If you want to, you can filter comments, mute people from responding, and even block someone from your live stream.

14. Enlist the assistance of a buddy: If feasible, use moderators to screen out and block trolls.

15. Protect your personal information: When live streaming, make sure you don’t give out sensitive information like your name, address, or phone number. Also, make sure your movies don’t have any personal information or scenery in the background that could reveal your location.

Going live can help you raise brand awareness, generate leads, and potentially convert customers.

But, more significantly, it allows you to interact with and participate with your community on a more personal level. So go live on TikTok and see how many views (and engagement) you can get!

Why can’t I go live on TikTok?

The number of followers you have isn’t the only criterion. While 13-year-olds can join up for TikTok accounts, you must be 16 to go live. And it’s largely for security reasons. This is just one of the protections in place by TikTok to make the site safe for all users.

Don’t panic if you just turned 16 or hit 1,000 points and the option doesn’t appear right away. Because TikTok’s records take a while to update, you may have to wait a few days before you can use TikTok to live-stream.

The good news for creators above the age of 18 is that an additional function has been unlocked for you. Gifts are the name of this feature. When you go live on TikTok, users will be able to send you presents, both digital and tangible. Consider it a virtual tip jar where people can leave you a tip if they like your content.

You’re ready to go live as long as you match the standards listed above. TikTok has gone to tremendous lengths to make live streaming as easy as possible. So, to go live on TikTok, follow these three simple steps.

Hopefully, this information was useful to you, especially if you were wondering how to go live on TikTok. It’s always a little nerve-wracking to go live for the first time. The good news is that anyone can do it as long as they match the conditions.

TikTok Live Features

Going live on TikTok allows you to interact with your fans and establish a community on the platform. When going live, the app provides options for both artists and spectators to make the most of their experience.

Here are some of the top features:

  • Q&A – During your broadcast, viewers can submit questions in real-time.
  • Multi-user streams – TikTok’s “Go Live Together” function lets you stream with up to three other people.
  • Live events – To build excitement for your Live, you can arrange and promote it to your followers ahead of time.
  • Gifts – If you’re a part of TikTok’s Creator Next Program, viewers can give you badges worth money during a live stream if they like what you’re doing. These benefits are only available to non-business accounts and users who are 18 years old or older (unless you live in South Korea or Japan, where the minimum age requirement is 19 or 20.)
  • Moderators – Before going live, you can designate other users to moderate the chatroom to ensure that it remains safe and appropriate for the content you’re sharing.
  • Keyword filtering – Another option to protect your live broadcast is to have comments that contain terms or phrases you’ve identified automatically removed.

How many followers do you need to go live on TikTok?

Unlike some other social media platforms, TikTok has a few prerequisites before you can live on the platform. The most important requirement is that you have at least 1,000 followers. If you don’t have a large number of followers, it won’t work that you know the way how to go live on TikTok. you won’t be able to go live.

You’re not alone if you think the 1,000-follower criterion is too high. But TikTok didn’t choose that number at random. TikTok has been under pressure to properly monitor and filter the content shared by its users because the app appeals to a younger population. Once a person has 1,000 followers, the hope is that they will be familiar enough with the site to know what they should and shouldn’t post. It ultimately boils down to keeping TikTok a safe environment for all of its users.

How to schedule a TikTok Live Event?

  • With TikTok’s events feature, you may alert your followers to an upcoming broadcast.
  • In the top right corner of your TikTok profile, tap the calendar symbol.
  • Create an event by giving it a name, a start time, a date, a description, and a length of time. You may share the URL to your event via in-app messaging or embed it in a video once it’s ready.
  • On your events page, tap “+” under Related videos to record a marketing video. Record your video, including a link to an event, click Done, and then Post.

Do you require additional assistance in advertising your Live? A Live Countdown sticker is now available. Record a video, then open the sticker panel and personalize the Countdown sticker with your event’s date and time. When you go live on TikTok, viewers can opt-in for a reminder.


On TikTok, there’s a lot of room for audience engagement and brand promotion. One of the simplest methods to connect closer to your audience and build a community around your company is to use live streaming. TikTok also offers ways to make money from live broadcasting, allowing you to turn it into a side business or even a full-time employee. When you use Restream to go live on TikTok, you can produce a strong, professional, and engaging live stream that you can share across many platforms at the same time. I hope you now know how to go live on TikTok after reading this guide. Would you like to share your tips on going live on TikTok?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why can’t I go live on TikTok?

You can only go live on Tiktok if your account has at least 1000 followers and you are at least 16 years old as of the date you created your account.

What is the fastest way to get TikTok followers?

On TikTok, there is no magic wand that can grant you tens of thousands of followers overnight. The key to building a significant following on TikTok is to continually create high-quality videos. Even so, there are a few pointers you can take to help you flourish on TikTok. Let’s make a list:

  • Incorporate your design with current trends.
  • Make use of current music
  • Use hashtags that are currently popular in your captions.
  • Make use of current music
  • Post at the most advantageous times

What makes a good live stream?

Here are a few pointers to help you improve your TikTok live stream:

  • Keep your streaming setup as simple as possible.
  • Pay attention to your background.
  • Pay attention to audio and lighting.
  • Check the speed of your internet connection
  • Perform a test run prior to going live.
  • Be genuine and engaging.
  • Do live sessions on a regular basis.

How do I go live on TikTok without 1000 followers?

Although TikTok has a policy prohibiting users from going live without having at least 1,000 followers, it has been observed that certain accounts with fewer than 1,000 followers are able to access TikTok live.

It turns out that you may ask TikTok users to activate your Live function.

  • Navigate to the “Support section” under “Settings.”
  • Go to “Live/Payment/Rewards,” then “Live Host,” and finally “I can’t start a live.”
  • Then, for the question “Is your problem resolved?” select “No.”
  • After that, you’ll have to make a report and ask TikTok to enable live streaming for your account.

Now cross your fingers and wait for the response, which should arrive in two to three days.

Who are the moderators on TikTok Live?

Before you start broadcasting on TikTok live, you can add moderators. During a stream, moderators can control your comments as well as the list of muted and blacklisted accounts. It enables them to block any inappropriate or off-topic comments or people, ensuring that your live session remains healthy, safe, and on-topic. Read more & How To Remove the Red filter on Tiktok?

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