TikTok AI Generated Content Label: A Step Forward for Transparency

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At this time, you can assume that AI has generated a significant portion of the stuff you view on the internet. AI picture generators, AI filters, AI voices, AI films, AI music, and so on are all available. Many internet users dislike this and want to know what has been generated. There is some good news for TikTok users. TikTok, according to Engadget, is introducing a feature that will allow users to identify AI-generated video on the app.

TikTok includes various AI-powered capabilities. For starters, AI filters generate images based on images submitted by the user. There’s also a tool for creating AI-generated backgrounds. As a result, the ByteDance-owned firm is no stranger to generative AI.

TikTok Will Allow Users to Name Ai-Generated Content

While TikTok has some sophisticated AI tools, it wants its users to notify others when they utilize them. If people use AI, the corporation will allow them to classify their work. The AI tools will be renamed when creating material so that the user is aware that it employs AI. Every AI-powered filter will have it in its name.

When the content is labeled, the user will see the text “Content labeled as AI-generated” in the lower left corner of the video or image. The text will be placed inside a gray bubble, out of the way. As a result, people will be aware of it, and the label will not consume much of the material.

However, using this method is not essential. You can also categorize your material using various methods. You can use a sticker, text, or any other method. It only needs to inform the viewer that they are viewing AI-generated material.

There is one drawback to this method: it places the authority to classify content in the hands of the creators. There is always the possibility that people would choose not to label their stuff. This is especially true if the user is aware that doing so may result in fewer watchers.

Some people utilize artificial intelligence to make deceptive information. Notifying people that their content contains AI will effectively negate the goal.

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But, TikTok Is Not Done Yet

As a result, TikTok is developing a method to automatically detect and classify content that employs AI. While exceedingly tough to achieve, this will be a boon for users who dislike seeing AI-generated material on the network. We don’t know when this tool will be available.

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