Tips For Buying a Second Hand Phone

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Most people switch their old mobile phone every two or three years, as the battery starts to drain quicker, storage starts to fill up faster, and software updates are no longer available. Additionally, people like to keep up with new trends and as more advanced and up-to-date technology is released, it makes for a great opportunity to get yourself a cheaper upgrade. How can you do that? As people flock to buy the latest technology, there is a surplus of cheaper, refurbished mobile phones up for grabs. In this article, we will discuss the truth about second-hand mobile phones and what you should do as you look to buy one.

The Truth About Second-Hand Phones

When people hear “second hand,” they think of items that are broken, faulty, or even dirty and unusable. This is not the case with a second-hand refurbished mobile phone. Refurbished mobile phones are admittedly used and returned items, but they are sometimes simply taken out of the box and never even switched on. These items are cleaned, repaired, wiped, and repackaged to look and operate like brand new. Besides the environmental benefits of reusing old technology rather than discarding it, it gives you the ability to buy functional and aesthetic devices at a fraction of the cost.

So, what should you know as you look to purchase a second-hand mobile phone? Here are a few tips.

The Grade Scale

There may be some sacrifices you need to make when choosing to purchase a refurbished phone, so work out what is a priority to you and find a grade of refurbishment that will suit what you want. Refurbishes, like the company EuroPC, will grade items on a scale depending on the condition and that’s what determines the end price. Grade A items will be the best and look and perform like new. Therefore, they will be the most expensive refurbished mobile phone. Further down the scale are Grade B and Grade C phones that may show small signs of wear and tear, but these imperfections won’t affect the performance. Grade C is hence the cheapest refurbished mobile phone.

Compare the Cost

As previously mentioned, refurbished phones will already be cheaper than brand-new ones. Even within this field of refurbished phones, there is a great degree of price difference depending on where you purchase the device from. For example, it’s often more expensive to purchase refurbished mobile phones straight from the manufacturer and it’s cheaper to buy them from specialist retailers. These refurbishing experts will be able to offer all brands of devices at a lower price.

Don’t Forget the Small Print

A great benefit of refurbished cell phones is the fact that they still come with warranties and guarantees in case something does go wrong further down the line. With this in mind, try and look for an offer that comes with the longest possible warranty. Consider a single year’s warranty as a standard minimum and go from there. This is an area where it’s better to buy from an expert retailer rather than just a second-hand seller.

Remember the Return

You may need to return this refurbished item if it doesn’t suit what you need so check the returns policy on the phone that you purchase. Not all companies will offer this as standard, but it’s good if you can look for one that does in case you aren’t sure about the condition of the phone you have chosen to purchase.

It’s Time to Buy Refurbished

It’s time to save some money, save the planet and buy your next phone from a refurbishment retailer!

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