Top Apps for Writing Your Thesis

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Writing a thesis often proves tedious for students. Besides the extensive amount of research and details in writing, a thesis presents the challenge of keeping track of various references to acknowledge the authors behind your sources properly. 

The wide range of elements to consider when writing a thesis can trigger tons of stress for students working on their dissertations. This challenge is heaped on by various commitments which limit your available time for writing your paper. 

Fortunately, a phd thesis writing service and the myriad apps for writing a thesis can help relieve the burden of writing a quality dissertation. Here, we’ve discussed some apps that may come in handy for tasks ranging from research to writing and editing to time management. 

Apps for writing a thesis

1. Google docs

Google docs is a great free word processor that offers all the essential features for writing your thesis. Unlike other options, google docs offer cloud storage and allow for multiple user collaborations on one document.

Google docs also allow you to integrate add-ons like Grammarly, allowing for real-time editing without exporting your document. 

2. Evernote

Evernote is a handy tool for the research of your thesis paper. This app is compatible with notes, images, audio, and multiple formats of portable documents, thus a great resource for coalescing essential materials you encounter during research. 

The app also offers tools to scan your notes and allows you to search for words within your text. Evernote can also be synchronized on multiple devices, allowing you to perform your research conveniently. 

The simple interface of Evernote allows you to sort ideas from your research more easily than you would have done when researching on paper. 

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a great choice for storing your research materials and your dissertation. Besides the large storage space, this app is safer than a hard drive and less likely to be corrupted, therefore reducing the likelihood of losing your paper midway through its development.

Drop Box can also be synchronized on multiple devices, ensuring the convenience of accessing your document from any station. 

4. Todoist

Time management is vital in ensuring the timely completion of your thesis. If mismanaged, you could easily fall victim to the vicious cycle of procrastination and fall victim to late submission of your assignments. 

Todoist is an online task management app that allows you to organize, schedule, maintain and prioritize your tasks. Todoist also has an intuitive design and a vast range of features, including the capacity to add descriptions to various tasks.

With this app, you can sort your tasks based on various parameters, e.g., urgency. You can also plan out your daily schedule and receive reminders when a task in your schedule is due. Unlike many time planners at your disposal, Todoist offers many features in the free plan, thus a convenient option for a limited student budget.

5. Rescue time

Rescue time goes a step further in helping you manage your time in college. This app offers a Pomodoro timer, a distraction blocker, a goal tracker, and a focus tool. 

The app also offers a chart of your weekly or monthly time management, helping you identify apps that consume your time, thus helping you adopt productive routines.

6. Mendeley

Keeping track of references in a long thesis can prove a challenging task. Unfortunately, omitting a reference for a source may amount to plagiarism and the rejection of your dissertation. 

Also, formatting your references properly may be challenging for a first-time writer. Mendeley overcomes this challenge by managing your references and converting them into your preferred referencing style.

The app thus makes referencing as easy as copying the references from Mendeley and pasting them into your paper. Mendeley can also be a great tool for your initial research as it suggests documents relevant to your search phrase. 

7. Grammarly

Although the word proofing feature performs grammatical fixes on your paper, it is not the best option among the myriad of proofing tools at your disposal. Grammarly offers multiple features that help manage the overuse of words, fix unclear sentence structure, and adjust the tone of your paper. 

Grammarly also provides add-ons that can be added to word and your browser, allowing you to perform real-time fixes to your documents. 

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