Types of Motorcycle Helmet

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There are various types of motorcycle helmets. Knowing what its characteristics and particularities are becomes a mandatory task to find the one that best suits your needs.

The choice of the helmet that you will wear for your motorcycle will depend on the use you give it, the vehicle you drive, whether you drive in the city or on the highway, and even the weather conditions. This is what makes you opt for one or the other. But first, you need to know the characteristics of the main types of motorcycle helmets.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

On the market, you will find different types of motorcycle helmets designed for different types of drivers and pilots. We tell you which ones you can choose from and what characteristics each of them has.

Full Face Helmets

Full Face Helmets
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They are made in one piece, which gives them a very high level of protection by presenting protections on the face and chin. Among its advantages, it stands out that since it does not have removable parts, if you suffer a fall, they will not separate. They are thought of and designed to be used on the road and provide a good fit for the head.

Modular Full-face Helmets

They are also called folding helmets since they include the option of being able to open the chin guard. They are safe as they offer a high level of protection. Their main drawback is that they are quite heavy and have joining points that can be weak in the event of a strong impact.

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On the other hand, to be able to ride with them, you must make sure that they have a double homologation (full face and jet helmet). When driving, you must always do so with the chin guard closed, as otherwise it would be a reason for a sanction.

Open Face Helmets

They are comfortable helmets, so they will be perfect to be able to circulate with them in the city, especially in the hottest months. On the contrary, you should know that they are the least safe of all that we have seen since, when they are open, they do not protect and cover the entire head; they only do so on the back and sides.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets According to their Materials

In addition to being able to choose a motorcycle helmet based on its properties and safety, it is important that you know what materials each one is made with. These are the most used:

Carbon Fiber Helmets

They are the lightest and most resistant helmets against impacts. It is a very resistant material, capable of absorbing blows by expanding. In this way, it ensures that, after the impact, the case does not break or crack. This makes it the lightest and safest material when it comes to manufacturing a motorcycle helmet.

Tricomposite Shells

They are made of plastic, specifically three mixed types. Although they are approved for circulation and are lightweight, they are not the safest option since they can break more easily than other components when subjected to a strong impact.

Fiberglass Hulls

Fiberglass is a lightweight material that allows for gradual deformation in the event of an impact. This means that after a blow, the fiberglass hulls can crack, but they will not break. Therefore, they provide a high level of protection by being effective at absorbing impacts.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets According to Driving Mode

The way you drive should also be taken into account when choosing a motorcycle helmet. Currently, you will find different types designed for different driving modes.

Trail Helmet

They are very similar to full-face helmets but have the characteristics of off-road helmets. The main difference with the former is that they are lighter than these but have less noise protection. Additionally, they have a chin guard and a visor that allow the face to be exposed.

Off-road Helmet

Designed for off-road use, that is, for motocross or enduro driving. They have a visor to protect the pilot from the sun; they do not have a screen, and they are equipped with a chin guard. They provide good ventilation and a wide field of vision for the rider to ride in the best conditions. Their level of security is high due to the risks that can be suffered when practicing this type of driving, and they are also light to facilitate the task. They are designed for competitions in open spaces and on hard floors.

Enduro Helmet

These types of helmets are designed to be used off-road for enduro practice. The main difference with the trial ones is that they are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. They also have a fairly high level of security.

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These are the types of helmets that you can find on the market. In addition to knowing their characteristics, it is necessary that you make sure that they are approved for circulation in our country through the European Regulations. If you want to travel calmly on your motorcycle, in addition to doing so with the mandatory protections, it will be necessary to have Motorcycle Insurance, which offers you the guarantees you want for you and your vehicle.

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