Photo Restoration: Restore Old Photos Using VanceAI Photo Restorer

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In the past, it is almost impossible for people to imagine that they can back family photos up on a computer. That potentially causes such a situation where the quality or the color of your family photos are destroyed as seen through some serious scratches, sepia, tears, or spots. In fact, a limited lifespan of printed photos is the real culprit as well. In that case, no matter whether you want the printer to print them again or make a digital family album, the printer first needs to convey them to a computer. If the printer plans to do the job of old photo restoration using Photoshop, the process is more likely to become boring and cumbersome. For the sake of time and cost, why don’t you try VanceAI Photo Restorer from VanceAI to restore old photos with easy-to-use steps?

Part 1: Why do you need an AI Photo Restorer instead of Photoshop?

When it comes to VanceAI Photo Restorer from, the so-called king of photo editing software cannot be ignored. As for why you need to restore old photos with an AI Photo Restorer, it is important to know what it can do for you. First, Adobe Photoshop is pretty much perfect in every way, though it still has some flaws which photo restorer definitely is able to overcome. Let’s start with a major concern: money. Photoshop Plan is US$20.99/mo or gives a 7-day free trial before buying. In order to directly see the difference between Photoshop and VanceAI, obviously it is necessary to make a comparison. There are three types of plans which you may notice from the screenshot above. So the fact is that VanceAI gives you more flexible choices compared with the fixed price from Photoshop. From the comparison, I believe you will make a correct choice in terms of cost when you restore old photos.

Except for cost, it is also essential to consider whether it is easy to use while leading to the biggest benefits. It is related with another real case in which users want to get the best experience without making extra effort; of course, it is better to finish their tasks with no complicated steps at the same time. Most of you know Photoshop as a powerful tool has diverse features, but nevertheless a lot of people just give up. That is exactly because the threshold is set too high. For instance, you will just want to run away while facing too many otherwise inclusive, useful features, to say nothing of trying each feature. It is no exaggeration to say it will take you a month at least to remember each function before you want to restore your old family photos. In comparison to Photoshop, if you want to restore old photos, you just need to finish several steps. Even though you are a complete novice, you need to find VanceAI Photo Restorer, upload your old photos and finally download them after waiting for a few seconds. Don’t worry about the steps; I will further explain them with text coupled with illustrations in the following parts.

Part 2: How to fix old damaged photos with VanceAI Photo Restorer?

Step 1: Coming to the homepage of old photo restoration by clicking on AI old photo restoration is necessary. Just as I have said before, the process of AI photo restoration is as simple as possible. Perhaps you don’t have expertise in photography, but otherwise you can bring old family photos back to life with the help of photo restorer. After that, you need to click on Upload Image.

Step 2: Users will naturally see the interface of VanceAI Restorer Workspace after they upload old photos with scratches or sepia. Once they get there, it is time to select AI Photo restorer with a focus on old photo restoration. If your old photos happen to be faded, you just need to add one more step to colorize them with no need to manage other complicated steps. One more step will bring old family photos back to life. With all things done, hit Start to Process.

Step 3: After dealing with your pictures, you will find them in AI Workspace that provides you will four options: preview, edit, download or delete. All this depends on you.  

Part 3: Fine examples of old photo restoration.

Example 1:

Considering old photo restoration, restoring childhood photos is a major trend. As time goes by, many people want to see what they looked like years ago. In most cases, it is a good instance where you can restore old photos, and bring old photos back to life. But based on advanced AI algorithms, VanceAI goes further, which can be proven through the picture. Photo restorer has both restored old photos, but colorized the white and black photo.

Example 2:

Similar to the type of the last picture, the family photo also has been restored. Old photo restoration brings about amazing effects, such as face enhancement, colorful faces and surroundings, and removed spots.

Example 3:

To fully display the advantages in each aspect, it is a housing picture. When looking back on the past, people tend to remember their old houses that usually are seen as a vehicle for past memories. Old objects usually remind people of past things. Meanwhile, it also shows that old photo restoration from VanceAI has an edge over other popular photo editing software, be they old family photos or old damaged building pictures.


Since photography emerged in the 19th century, the industry has grown rapidly. Now with the quick development of science and technology, people tend to store photos in the cloud or sharing the image on social media on the one hand; on the other hand, still many people want to bring old photos back to life, even though they are faded or severely damaged. And this is exactly what the article is dedicated to. Photo restorer is a blessing for recreating old photos

Additional Choices from VanceAI

You may know photo restorer also can colorize black and white photo if you read the article from cover to cover. It is worth noting that it can do the job, but not be good at that. Colorizing a photo is just an additional function. VanceAI Photo Colorizer can do a good job. VanceAI, a website that helps you achieve the best value for money, has another powerful tool- AI image enhancer. Photo enhancer will further enhance the details of a picture, and improve image quality within several seconds, even after old photos are restored or colorized. If you want to try a free service, entering to process PDF is a good choice.

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