Get Better at Warzone Pacific with these Hacks

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Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific is currently one of the world’s most popular games, enjoyed by over 100 million people. As with all first-person shooter video games, taking time to practise, learn, and study can make you a much better player.

Whether you want to become a better player so that you can make a successful career out of video game streaming or you play purely for pleasure, you should know that getting better at Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific isn’t going to be easy. However, with this article’s help, getting better will become a lot simpler:

Literal Hacks

Tips for becoming better at a game are usually called hacks. Real hacks however are cheats that allow you to artificially manipulate the server that you are playing in, in order to give you an advantage. The use of hacks is strictly forbidden, but why should that stop you? You can find a full list of Warzone Hacks from IWantCheats, complete with guides on how to use each one. If you intend on using hacks, it’s advisable to use an account you are comfortable losing and using a VPN. This is to prevent Call of Duty’s server admins from permanently banning you. Hacks give you a massive advantage over other players, making you virtually unstoppable.

Check the Map

Moving away from actual hacks and on to tips for becoming better at the game, one of the first things that you should do before you drop is to check the map. Warzone’s map is absolutely huge, and there are some places that are better to drop than others. Make sure that you take the time to learn the map by heart before you play so that you can identify good areas for dropping. When you have these areas identified and you are online, check your map, and jump straight for them.

Cut Your Chute

It’s commonplace for Warzone players to ride their parachutes all the way down to the ground, wasting lots of time. Often the first players to reach ground-level are the ones who survive the longest, because they get the best loot, and have time to set themselves up in a position where they can take out players who haven’t yet landed. For this reason, make sure that you cut your chute and get to the ground as quick as possible. As soon as you land, start collecting weapons, and begin attacking other players immediately to push them off of your location.

Hoarding Cash

Another mistake to avoid if you want to become an expert Warzone player is to stop hoarding your cash! After all, Warzone is just a game. Hoarding cash there isn’t going to benefit you in any way. Cash can be used to buy better weapons, accessories, vehicles, and killstreaks. Draw up a list of accessories that you want to invest in, then save up to buy each one. Don’t just gratuitously hold your money, however. Make sure that you have something in mind to spend your money on.

Contract Killer

A good way to earn money, which you can then spend on loadout drops and equipment as mentioned previously, is to take up contracts whenever they become available. As you move throughout the game’s map, contracts will pop up. The different types of contracts are bounties, big game bounties, scavenger, recon, most wanted, supply drop, supply run, and [TOP SECRET]. Contracts can earn you a lot of money. It can be very difficult to complete these, however. For this reason, you should take time to learn practical skills in the game, and develop your shooting skills.

Warzone Pacific 1

Map Positioning

If you are a passive player, it is best that you stay within the map’s circle. Sticking to the circle will allow you to take up strategic positions so that you can camp and take people out from a distance. It is usually only aggressive players that search the map for loot. There’s no shame in being a passive player, and in many respects, it is the most sensible playing style. Aggressive players seldom make it to the final stage, because they are taken out long before then.

High Ground

Warzone Pacific’s playing field is much more hilly than the original Warzone’s map was. This means that positioning yourself up hills and in mountains is a very good idea. As the game’s circle closes, if you find yourself atop a mountain or hill, you will be able to take out players desperately ascending the same hill in order to avoid the gas cloud. Taking the high ground can give you a great advantage over other players, especially if you enjoy camping, or use a sniper. Players will have zero chance against you if you position yourself correctly.

Aim Sensitivity

Moving away from strategies and onto gameplay tips, if you want to become a faster player, then you should increase your aim sensitivity. It’s no secret, some of Call of Duty’s best players have insanely high aim sensitivity. This is because increased aim sensitivity allows you to turn quicker and take people out before they even notice that you are there. It does take a bit of getting used to, but after a while, it is very easy to master. It’s advisable to practice in the shooting range before you immerse yourself in an actual match, otherwise, you won’t last very long.

Movement Tips

Finally, if you want to dominate the battlefield, you need to familiarize yourself with Call of Duty’s controls. Learning to bunny hop at the right time and to use the slide mechanics will help you to become a much harder target for opponents to kill. In combination with increased aim sensitivity, you can become unstoppable. As well as bunny hopping and slide mechanics, try to master the game’s running and walking controls. Establishing zigzag patterns in your movement can make it more difficult for people to shoot you, especially when they are targeting you from a distance.

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific is a lot of fun. However, it’s not so fun when you are constantly being slaughtered on the battlefield. Improve your movement, technique, and install hacks, and you will be an indomitable adversary.

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