Overview of WoW: Classic Gameplay

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After Blizzard took down Nostalrius, an incredibly popular pirate server inspired by the original game, the history of WoW: Classic started. These players began to flood the company with petitions asking them to launch official classic servers. In November 2017, Blizzard announced such servers, immediately warning that their development would not be fast — technologies have changed noticeably since 2006, so you can’t just take and launch the old version without reworking its technical part. This, however, has a plus: WoW: Classic has a much better network code, there are no queues on the servers, and the graphics work more stably and support all modern resolutions.

World of Warcraft has a lot of plot twists and various activities. To improve the parameters of individual characters and complete tasks, players use in-game currency. Usually gamers buy wow classic gold. It is bought both by new players who do not know how to mine it, but also by professionals who don’t want to waste their time. Buying gold will speed up your character development. When your character reaches the maximum level, you can simply buy everything you need for a comfortable game at a high level with gold.

Aside from minor technical updates, WoW: Classic hardly differs from the original game. The images were kept exactly as they were in 2006, with no changes made by the developers. Other general enhancements have also been eliminated, such as the dungeon group search mechanism. In the “classics,” finding companions required utilizing a chat or by bargaining with friends. In addition, patch 1.12, one of the final in the traditional edition, is used as a foundation. However, the main topics of discussion are balance and mechanics. For players to acquire the necessary gear to successfully conquer the most challenging dungeons, content is gradually added to the old servers.


The maximum character level in the traditional edition is 60. The story takes place in ancient Azeroth, which consists of two sizable continents. At the same time, portals are seldom ever used in the classic version, so getting to the appropriate area may take up to 20-30 minutes in some situations. The actual boosting takes significantly longer than it does in the current World of Warcraft: if you don’t play continuously from morning to night, you’ll need to spend at least a few months doing missions, taking on elite monsters, and exploring dungeons for five players.

The game doesn’t finish when you reach level 60; instead, additional dungeons for 10, 20, and 40 players start to appear. These dungeons are more difficult and require a solid set of equipment to complete. There are various PvP-friendly battlegrounds available, including Alterac Valley, a massive combat in which 40 players fight on opposite sides, as well as the traditional capture the flag and battle for points modes. PvP occurs so frequently in the open environment and it is another characteristic of the traditional version. Since just limited players had access to the game’s most intricate content, Vanilla is regarded as being harder and more time-consuming.



The basic combat and quest systems in the classic game turned out to be more complicated than, for example, in Battle for Azeroth. In the new versions, we rarely get into serious dangerous situations and even go through elegantly crafted level content alone without much difficulty. In Classic, on the contrary, any incorrect positioning of the character or an inaccurate pool can lead to virtual death.

A perfect example from the previously released beta version of WoW Classic is a quest journey from the central camp of the Crossroads Horde to the Alliance-held Northwatch Hold. There shaman Tauren must collect 10 medallions and finish off the three leaders of the Alliance. Thanks to countless survival mechanics, escape possibilities, and powerful attacks, such a task in Battle for Azeroth would take 15 minutes. And in Classic, such a task becomes a serious challenge.

There are many opponents inside the Alliance fort, and they frequently attack in groups of two or three. Each combat against two foes is brutal and can easily be lost depending on the NPC’s level because we have a limited supply of crucial energy and mana. It is usual practice to eat and drink after each combat to replenish life and mana. The extra task that players had to complete in the aforementioned Alliance castle was even more challenging. In order to avoid getting wounded, the hero must assist the captured blood elf in escaping. It would be much easier to complete a mission like this with other players as Classic was designed specifically for this.

While World of Warcraft gradually shifts toward being a game for lone players, the original edition would depend more on player interaction. Together, it is much simpler to finish tasks.

Slight differences from regular servers

Of course, WoW Classic isn’t a perfect replica of Vanilla. The most noticeable modifications are found in a few features like Battle.net integration, new social chips, and (if requested) enhanced graphics and more contemporary resolution settings. There are additional retro features that should appeal to longtime players and original game devotees. For instance, the classic talent system and so-called “skill trees” are back, requiring players to first master the use of a particular class of weapon before obtaining a skill.

Slight differences from regular servers

Only at level 40 are riding animals available, and at level 60, individuals with sufficient funds can purchase a riding animal for themselves (or get it by completing an infinitely long line of quests). Flying mounts won’t be available at all initially; this feature didn’t start to exist until The Burning Crusade’s initial expansion.

Uninitiated players could assume that WoW: Classic exists merely out of a sense of basic nostalgia for the time when the game first launched. In truth, the original World of Warcraft featured a game concept that was groundbreaking and original for its time, well planned down to the last detail.

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