YouTube Music Users Can Download Recently Played songs

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YouTube, a popular video-sharing and social media site that is owned by Google, is said to be working on a big new update. A new report says that the YouTube Music app will soon let Android users automatically download songs they have just played.

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9to5Google says that Premium subscribers can find the new “recently played songs” toggle in Settings > Downloads and storage. Users can now download up to 200 of the most recently played music. The report also said that the users might find that this feature is already turned on in their devices.

Also, it doesn’t work with the existing “smart downloads” feature, which lets you get up to 500 songs based on what the app thinks are your “favorites.”

The recently played song setting for YouTube Music on iOS has not yet been announced, according to the report. The company also confirmed that “Live,” “Cover,” and “Remix” labels will be added to the “Other Performances” section of “Now Playing” and search results, as well as the “Related” tab.

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Its music streaming service, YouTube Music is also getting song and album credits. 9To5Google says that this new feature will let users see song and album credits while listening to their favorite music.

Many other streaming services, like Tidal, have had this feature for a long time. It lets users see detailed song information immediately, like who the singer is and who wrote, produced, and composed each track. If the feature is turned on in the user’s account, when they go to the overflow menu on YouTube Music, they will see an option to “View song credits.”

The report said that users can see information about the music, such as who performed, wrote, or produced the song, and where the music metadata came from.

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