9 Best Free Video Editors for Mobile Phones

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We are now going to continue with the list of the best free video editors for mobile phones, both for Android and iOS. iOS users have an easy, powerful, and completely free choice with iMovie, filling a gap that no one has yet been able to fill on Android with an alternative. However, there are several options that you can consider.

1. iMovie

If you have an iPhone, one of the best video editing applications you can find will almost certainly be pre-installed. It’s called iMovie, and it’s made by Apple itself for the iPhone and iPad. It offers a huge list of options very similar to those offered by desktop editors without having to look for other third-party applications.

It has themes so you can choose titles, transitions, music, and 10 filters for videos. It has sound effects you can add to it, and it allows you to add your own narrations. All this is presented in an elegant and simple way, and you are able to add the photos and videos you want from your phone to compose a video or a trailer. The results can be saved in 4K or 1080p resolutions at 60 FPS.

2. Google Photos

Let’s start with a photo editor that is not a photo editor. This is Google Photos, the photo management application created by Google. It has a simple video editor in which you can choose photos and videos and make a movie with them. However, don’t expect much because it’s pretty simple.

Simply put, you can add all the photos and videos you want and decide how long each one is shown in the final composition. You can also add or change the background for music or remove the sound. And that’s it. The good thing about it is that it’s easy to use and free, and the bad thing is that you can’t do more than some elemental compositions with it.

3. InShot

The InShot editor is one of the most complete and best valued that you will find, although from the beginning it can be attributed to the excessive interest in monetizing the application with excessive advertising. The clips that you choose to compose your video are shown below, and it offers basic functions such as trimming, adding texts, music, or voiceover. You can also modify the speed and use filters that can be free or paid.

It has versions for Android and iOS and allows you to export videos at custom resolutions, which can go up to 1080p. His obsession with advertising has negative and positive aspects. On the one hand, there are features that you can only use if you see ads, and on the other hand, one of those features is the ability to remove the watermark.

4. Quik

As you go down this list, you will see many options that are free versions of paid apps, which therefore usually put watermarks on the videos. This application designed for Go Pro has the main advantage that you can remove the final curtain with the logo without having to pay for it, something that is already a point in its favor.

For the rest, it is an app designed so that you do not have to do almost anything, making it ideal for people without knowledge. It doesn’t give you much control over the end result but rather accepts your suggestions about which points in each clip are key. Using that information, along with the music and the desired duration of the final video, the app generates the video without much intervention on your part.

5. Cyberlink Action Director

A vertical format video and Photo editing application with many editing options but also limitations in its free version. For example, you can only export clips with 720p or 480p resolutions and between 24 and 30 frames per second, along with a watermark. If you pay your subscription fee of 4.29 euros per month, the watermark disappears and the resolution goes up to 1080p.

Among its options is the ability to create a video combining photos and videos, as well as dozens of filters and transitions to choose from. Unfortunately, not all filters are going to be free. Video editing is relatively easy, with a timeline where clips follow each other and a clear button to assign transitions between clips. These clips can be embellished with effects, texts, and stickers; you can even apply “beauty mode” to them.

6. KineMaster

KineMaster is a video editor with a simple landscape interface that stands out because it allows you to create several layers with clips, texts, stickers, effects, or doodles. It looks very similar to desktop editors, so if you are uncomfortable with mobile-friendly interfaces, it may be enjoyable.

What we have said about the layers means you can put one clip on top of another, creating a peculiar effect. The bad news is that it is priced relatively high at €4.99 per month or €29.99 per year. In its free version, you will have a watermark and limited options.

7. Filmora Go

In this list, we have already talked about the Filmora desktop application, and WonderShare also has a version for Android mobiles. It is a simplified and easy-to-use version that allows you to edit videos or create them from other videos or photos, or even mix both. These are displayed at the bottom of the window as icons. By touching one of these clips, you can edit them, add new layers on top, add voiceover, add titles, apply filters, or modify their speed.

You can also put transitions between clips, and you will have lists of filters and transitions to download. Much of this content is free, but there are also some paid items to download. In this case, it is a free application with free content, although there are options to download separate paid additions. The bad thing is that there is a watermark that can only be removed by paying a couple of euros.

8. VideoShow

An application quite similar to InShot, which we have talked about a little above. Its interface is a bit simple, although it can be a bit overwhelming due to the number of options and possibilities it presents. Like many applications, it has a store of filters and transitions, some of which are free and others that require your payment method of 22.99 euros per year.

Monetization aside, with VideoShow you can combine videos and photos, join them with interesting transitions, bring them to life with special effects, and include music, voice-overs, and texts with different designs. Without going through the box, the resulting video can be in HD quality and have a watermark.

9. Funimate Video Editor

This is quite a popular video application, although quite simple and basic. It is not a powerful editor like the one you can find on the desktop, but rather something ideal for those small videos you may want to create to upload later to social networks. In fact, it seems to focus a lot on the philosophy of networks like TikTok Feature.

Its creation process is quite simple and includes 15 filters and several transitions, with the possibility of adding text. In any case, as we have told you, it is more for small editions of social networks than for seriously editing videos.

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