Alan Wake 2 Release Date in October, Voice Actor Reveals

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Alan Wake 2 release date is in sometime of October. Alan Wake, the horror video game, was released in 2010. During the ‘Monsters, Madness, and Magic’ podcast, the eponymous protagonist’s voice actor Matthew Porretta stated that the title is targeting an October release and that developer Remedy Entertainment is hard at work on it. “I was just in Finland last week, where the company is headquartered… “Remedy are incredible people,” he said in the interview.

It is important to note that this information was not disclosed in an official capacity. It is possible that the studio will alter it, and Porretta may be unaware of certain internal management matters.

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Immediately thereafter on the podcast, he begins reminiscing about how he landed the voice acting job for the 2010 video game Alan Wake, noting that he waited six months to hear back from the studio regarding his selection to portray the title character. Oddly, shortly thereafter, Porretta refused to reveal additional details about the sequel, citing a stringent NDA. The renowned voice actor has appeared in a number of other Remedy titles, such as Control and the time-bending spy game Quantum Break. Alan Wake 2 was announced at The Game Awards 2021 with a cinematic depicting our protagonist holding a light bulb while musing on stories. Motion capture will be conducted by Ikka Villi, who many people at the time confused with Jake Gyllenhaal.

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In the original Alan Wake, a writer suffering from severe writer’s block and his wife take a brief vacation in Bright Falls. Soon after, his wife mysteriously vanishes, prompting an investigation to locate her, despite the fact that the events unfold precisely as he had imagined in his most recent novel. The game is structured as a six-episode television series in which you battle homicidal shadows as ‘darkness’ consumes all living things.

Alan Wake 2 release date revelation is comparable to how Marvel‘s Spider-Man 2’s launch window was disclosed. Tony Todd, the voice actor for Venom, stated in March that the sequel would be released in September, with enormous publicity campaigns commencing in August. It is likely to be displayed at the PlayStation Showcase event later this week.

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Microsoft rejected the concept of a sequel to Alan Wake 2 and instead commissioned Remedy to develop the 2016 video game Quantum Break. Sam Lake stated at the time that Alan Wake 2 had been postponed and that the game had not been financially effective enough to secure funding for a sequel. In addition, Microsoft owned its intellectual property rights, preventing Remedy from selling it to other publishers. In 2019, the studio acquired all rights to Alan Wake and collected a one-time royalty payment of EUR 2.5 million (approximately Rs. 22 crore) for past copies sold. Epic Games Publishing will now be in charge of the game’s distribution.

If Porretta’s claim is verified, Alan Wake 2 will be available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/E in October.

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