Apple Now Verifies Anyone Asking for Educational Discounts

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In the United States, Apple has implemented a new verification process to ensure that customers who wish to take advantage of its lower education price are genuinely enrolled in school. It’s unclear when Apple’s policy changed, but some Reddit users observed that Apple’s education price page had been altered to highlight that consumers will now be reviewed by Unidays, a third-party verification service, at some time this month.

In addition to requiring Unidays, Apple is imposing additional limits on the number of things that can be purchased with an educational discount. Users are allowed to have one desktop computer, one Mac mini, one laptop, two iPads, and two accessories each year, according to Apple Track. Given that this is more than any student, teacher, or member of the educational staff is likely to buy for themselves in a year, the limit appears to be in place to prevent them from serving as a discount broker for all their non-education pals.

Unidays verification is similar to a technique used by Apple in various countries, such as the United Kingdom. According to MacRumors, Apple’s Canada store has yet to be updated to feature Unidays as of this writing.

Despite the fact that the change closes a loophole that was previously ridiculously easy to exploit (apparently, Apple didn’t even require customers to have email address), there’s been a surprisingly little outcry on Reddit, with some pointing out that third-party retailers routinely beat Apple’s first-party discounts during back-to-school season. Meanwhile, if you’re searching for a good deal on a MacBook, we have a website dedicated to just that.

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