Apple iOS 15.2 Beta Version: Everything You Need to Know

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The first significant upgrade for the new operating system, iOS 15.1 was recently released by Apple. The company has now made the first public beta of iOS 15.2 available for testing. iOS 15, which was first announced at WWDC in June, adds a number of new capabilities to iPhones, but a couple were missing when the firm released the update for eligible iPhone models last month. With iOS 15.1 came the addition of a some of the missing capabilities, such as SharePlay and the ProRes codec for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, but consumers still haven’t received all of the promised functionality.

App Privacy Report

The business has included the App Privacy Report privacy feature to the iOS 15.2 beta update, which allows users to see how much of their sensitive information, like as location, camera, photographs, microphone, and others, has been accessible by the app installed on their handsets. It displays a seven-day report on what the apps have been up to behind the scenes. If you have the new update installed on your iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy >App Privacy Report to access this feature. Before the data can appear here, you must leave the toggle on for a few days.

Redesigned Notification Summary

Aside from that, the Notification Summary feature has been overhauled by the company. When you tap on the summary, all of your alerts are now displayed in a single card. The alerts were displayed in distinct cards in prior iOS versions.

Users can schedule all of the alerts that they don’t want to view on the lock screen using the Notification Summary function. “Get a useful compilation of your alerts delivered daily, in the morning and evening, or at a time that you specify.” When Apple first announced the feature, it stated, “The summary is intelligently organised by priority, with the most relevant alerts at the top, so you can quickly catch up.”

Communication Safety

The Communication Safety feature, which is embedded into the Messages app for iPhones, is also included in the update. When sexually explicit photos are received or sent from a minor’s device, the function alerts children and their parents. The company claims to be analysing image attachments in the messaging app using on-device machine learning.

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