Battle Stars Multiplayer Shooter Introduces Maps on iOS, Android

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Battle Stars, an online multiplayer shooter developed by India-based SuperGaming, is going big on localization and solidifying its Indian roots with some intriguing new game additions. Super Gaming declared collaboration with prominent content producer Techno Gamerz (Ujjwal Chaurasia) during a recent event in Mumbai. A new playable character based on the creator has been introduced to the game. Battle Stars is now available for free download and play on iOS and Android, with in-app purchases.

New Indian characters and map on Battle Stars

SuperGaming announced two new playable characters already available in Battle Stars at a Today at Apple event held at the new Apple BKC store in Mumbai. The first, dubbed ‘Techno,’ is based on content producer Techno Gamerz, who is well-known for his gaming videos on YouTube and has over 33 million subscribers.

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The Techno character will also have individual messages and banter based on designer Ujjwal Chaurasia’s Techno Gamerz image and identity, as well as a unique weapon and a ‘Techno Quest’ objective-based quest centered on the character. “I was blown away when SuperGaming showed me how I looked in-game.” “There is a lot of care and attention to detail, from subtle animations to my poses and even my mannerisms,” Ujjwal Chaurasia remarked about working with SuperGaming to design the character.

In addition, a second playable character named ‘Patil’ was included, who resembles a Mumbai police officer, emphasizing the game’s Mumbai link. SuperGaming will soon add another female Mumbai-based playable character to the game, as well as a new Battle Stars map inspired by Mumbai and its many landmarks. New emotes based on Mumbai language will also be added to the game in the near future.

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“There’s a massive opportunity in India for high-quality locally-developed games, and Battle Stars capitalises on this by playing to our strength of real-time multiplayer and integrating Techno Gamerz to entertain players in-game as well as being a playable hero,” said Roby John, SuperGaming CEO and co-founder, in an emailed statement.

Battle Stars is an online multiplayer shooter that features 4v4 combat between players dressed as different characters, each with their unique set of skills and limitations. SuperGaming recently received money from Bandai Namco, and the company is also working on its upcoming battle royale game Indus, for which Android users can already sign up on the game’s pre-registration page to receive updates before the game’s debut.

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