Dry Toilet: Everything You Need to Know About It

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The ecological toilet, also known as a dry toilet or compost toilet, is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional toilet systems. Instead of using water to transport waste to a treatment plant, green toilets use natural materials such as sawdustdirt, and leaves to cover the waste and promote decomposition and composting.

Next, we explain everything you need to know about it.

How do Dry Toilets Work?

The ecological toilet, or dry toilet, uses a combination of natural materials and biological processes to decompose human waste. Elements that even control the smell.

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Over time, the waste breaks down and turns into compost, which can be used to fertilize plants and crops. The compost generated by the ecological toilets is rich in nutrients and free of pathogens, which makes it a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to the use of chemical fertilizers.

What are the Advantages of Dry Toilets?

Dry toilets offer a number of advantages compared to conventional toilet systems. First of all, they are much more sustainable and friendly to the environment since they do not require large amounts of water to function. This means that they are ideal for areas with water scarcity or for people looking to reduce their water consumption.

Dry Toilet

Additionally, compostable toilets significantly reduce reliance on chemical fertilizers. They are also cheaper and easier to maintain than conventional bathroom systems, requiring no electricity or chemicals to keep clean.

Are there any Disadvantages to Ecological Toilets?

Although the ecological toilet has many advantages, there are also some disadvantages that you must take into account. First, it can produce unpleasant odors if not handled properly. It is important to follow the instructions for use and keep the bathroom clean and well ventilated to minimize aromas or even poor coverage of residues.

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How are Dry Toilets Kept?

The key to having a dry toilet is to maintain good hygiene and follow the instructions for use to the letter. It is important to keep the bathroom clean and well ventilated to minimize odors and prevent the buildup of bacteria and pathogens. It is also important to add the right amount of materials, such as sawdust or dry leaves, to cover the residue and promote decomposition.

In addition, it is relevant to empty and clean the compost bin regularly to prevent residue accumulation and promote proper decomposition. It is recommended to do it every six months to a year, depending on the use. You will be surprised at how much compost can be achieved and how much you can save on chemicals.

Where can Dry Toilets be Used?

Ecological toilets are an ideal option for semi-rural areas, camping sites, cabins, and other areas where the conventional toilet system is not available or is expensive to install. They are also a popular choice for people looking to reduce their environmental impact and live more sustainably in the city.

However, it is important to note that these toilets are not allowed in all locations. Before installing a green toilet, it is important to check local regulations and obtain permits if necessary.

How can you Get Ecological Toilets?

There are a wide variety of options available to get a toilet like this. You can buy a pre-made one online or in stores specializing in sustainable products. You can also build one yourself using recycled materials and following the instructions online.

Dry Toilet

If you decide to build one yourself, it’s important to make sure it complies with local regulations and is installed properly. It is also advisable to consult an ecological sanitation expert for advice on construction and maintenance.

If you think about getting an ecological toilet, you should keep in mind that it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. Although they have some disadvantages, they offer important advantages in terms of sustainability, water savings, and the generation of high-quality compost, so installing them is an excellent alternative.

If you are interested in using an ecological toilet, it is important to investigate everything you need to have one at home and be able to enjoy its benefits.


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